Gilbert Special Census

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Gilbert Special Census: Were You Counted? Call 480-503-6565.

Gilbert’s Special Census is coming to a close on Sunday, December 6th. If you have not been counted, please call the U.S. Census Bureau’s Gilbert Office at (480) 503-6565 to take your survey over the phone. This is your last chance to be included in Gilbert’s updated population count. A few minutes of your time could help bring millions of tax dollars back to Gilbert.

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Help us bring your tax dollars home. Be Counted.

Do you live in Gilbert, Arizona more than six months out of the year? Starting October 1, 2015, Gilbert will be conducting a Mid-Decade Special Census to account for the rapid growth the community has experienced since the 2010 Census. It is critical that our community gets an accurate population count to ensure we receive our fair share of state and federal funds.These dollars will help Gilbert continue to deliver high-quality services to our residents and prepare us as our community approaches build-out. We cannot do this alone. We need every resident to be counted.

Here's what you need to know:


Here's how you can help:

  • Answer Your Door
    The best way you can help is to simply answer your door, take the survey and be counted!
  • Spread the Word
    Make sure your neighbors, family and friends understand the importance of Gilbert's Special Census and being counted.

Helpful Census Tips:

  • Check the Badge
    Each worker will be wearing a Bureau-issued identification badge.
  • Look Out for Lime-Green Shirts
    Census workers may also be wearing lime-green 'Be Counted' shirts.
  • Check Your Front Door
    If a Census worker stops by and you're not home, they will leave a note on your front door with additional information on how you can complete your Census survey.
  • Questions?
    Call the Gilbert Special Census office at 480-503-6565 to verify a census worker or ask questions.