State of the Town - Life in Gilbert

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Do you want to be featured in Gilbert, Arizona’s Emmy-nominated Digital State of the Town?

This year, the video will focus on life in Gilbert. We want to see snapshots of your life as residents, students, employees, business owners, visitors, or whatever else brings you to our community.

So how can you participate? Take a short video showing a part of your day in Gilbert, submit it to Gilbert Digital below and you could be part of the Digital State of the Town premiering January 2018 at Harkins Theatre at SanTan Village. Anyone who submits will also get a free I <3 Gilbert t-shirt and prize pack, while supplies last.

See below for video tips and submission guidelines and to upload a video snapshot of your life in Gilbert. All submissions must be received by November 1, 2017.

Help us show the world what it’s like to live, work and play in Gilbert, Arizona!

Watch past Digital State of the Town videos here.

Terms & Conditions and FAQ’s

Who can participate in submitting for the Digital State of the Town?
Anyone can participate! We just ask that you film footage in Gilbert, Arizona. Any minors 17 years or under that would like to participate must have a parent or guardian complete this waiver and send to

Are there any rules for what I can or cannot submit?
All videos should be filmed in Gilbert, Arizona and be must be 50 MB or less. We recommend submitting clips around 30 seconds, although any length of video is acceptable as long as it’s under 50 MB. We also ask that footage does not contain any nudity, profane language, hateful or dangerous content.

When is the deadline for me to submit my video(s)?
All submissions are due by the end of the day on Wednesday, November 1.

How do I submit my video(s)?

  1. Use the form above, select “Choose File” and then select your video (files must be 50MB or less)
  2. Complete the form and select “Submit”
  3. Under 18 years of age? You have one more step! Please fill out and email this form to

Do I need to edit my video?
It’s up to you! We will accept raw footage or edited. Please try to only incorporate natural sounds though (no music, please).

Do I need permission to record other people in my video?
Yes. You must receive permission from everyone that is captured in your footage.

Can I use music?
Please try not to include music in your submission.

What are some best practices for shooting my video clips?
If you’re using a phone to film, make sure to hold horizontally when recording. Also, keep in mind some tips when recording sound:

  1. Built-in microphones will struggle to record usable sound if the subject is any further then 3 feet away from the camera.
  2. Try and record somewhere quiet, if possible, and to avoid any background noise.
  3. Be aware of wind when you’re outside. The sound of wind can drown out any other sounds you’re trying to record.

Do you have any example videos?
Yes! Here are some sample videos for some ideas. These are just examples and we encourage you to be as creative as you’d like.

Can I submit more than one video?
Yes. Please feel free to submit as many videos as you like!

Am I able to submit “vlog(s)”? Is talking to my camera acceptable?
Yes. Vlogs are definitely acceptable and can be a great way to share your life in Gilbert. We also recommend sharing active footage to complement your vlog.

Will you use footage from everyone who submits a video?

Unfortunately we may not be able to include everyone’s footage.

How will you determine which videos will be included in the Digital State of the Town?

After you’ve submitted your video(s), the Digital Government team will review the footage and will decide which videos are the most fun and creative to include.

Questions? Contact us at: