Resident Survey

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The Town of Gilbert encourages citizen feedback through a regularly conducted citizen survey. As a representative cross-section of the community, the survey inquires about issues such as community priorities, municipal services, public safety, customer service and resident participation in community events and programs.

The statistically valid results serve as a consumer report card for the town by providing residents the opportunity to rate the quality of life in Gilbert and their satisfaction with community amenities and local government.

Upcoming Survey:

  • February 2019-April 2019
  • All Gilbert residents are eligible and encouraged to participate!
  • Pre-notification note cards will be sent beginning February to residents receiving a mailed survey. If you receive a mailed version of the survey, you are encouraged to submit it via the instructions provided on the form.
  • Online submissions will be available to all residents March 2019.

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About the National Citizen Survey:

Resident Survey

The NCS™ is a community assessment tool that reports resident opinions and satisfaction with local government and services based on a scientific and representative sample to inform budgeting, performance measurement and program planning.

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