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Santan Vista Water Treatment Expansion Project

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Santan Vista Water Treatment

Gilbert is committed to providing robust infrastructure and safe drinking water for our residents. As a part of that effort, the Santan Vista Water Treatment Plant is being expanded to provide water to the residents of Gilbert and the City of Chandler. Construction began in August 2016, and crews recently completed the mass excavation work to provide for the new water storage reservoir and treatment complex buildings.

What is the Santan Vista Water Treatment Plant?

Called Santan Vista because of the stunning view of the Santan Mountain from the plant control room, this plant receives water from Central Arizona Project’s Colorado River watershed. From the CAP turnout, water is brought to the plant through approximately 14 miles of 48” ductile iron pipeline.

The plant was built and is operating in partnership with City of Chandler. Initial capacity for this plant is 24 million gallons per day (mgd); 12 mgd for Gilbert and 12 mgd for Chandler. The plant treats the water using ballasted flocculation and an average process time is 20-25 minutes. The onsite reservoir capacity is 6 million gallons.

What will the expansion project entail?

Gilbert will soon begin construction to expand the Santan Vista Water Treatment Plant, to an ultimate capacity of 48 mgd, with planned improvements taking place on the existing site. These process improvements will help make the plant an even better neighbor to nearby residents.

What is the project timeline?

Construction crews began mobilizing to the site in July 2016, and began breaking ground in August 2016. Construction will be completed in Spring 2018. Crews recently completed the mass excavation for the reservoir and treatment complexes, moving nearly 80,000 cubic yards of soil and dirt.

For more information on this project, please call 480.503.6198.