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Water Checkup

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Request a residential water efficiency checkup here.

Request a commercial water efficiency checkup here.


  • Did you last utility bill come in a little higher than you expected? 
  • Do you think you have a leak? 
  • Are you interested in conserving water outdoors (where most Gilbert residents’ water is used)? 
  • Do you need help watering your landscape plants more efficiently? 

The Gilbert Water Conservation office offers free water efficiency checkups to assess the potential water savings for residential and commercial customers. The checkups are performed by a trained Water Conservation Specialist who evaluates the irrigation system, checks for water leaks, and offers customized recommendations for increased water savings at your residence or business.

To schedule an appointment, call our information line at (480) 503-6098. Or, you can fill out an e-form for residential or commercial to request a water efficiency checkup online. A Water Conservation Specialist will contact you to schedule an appointment.   

If you are concerned you have a leak, you can check for yourself before we get to your scheduled appointment. Learn how to read your water meter, and then check out the Smart Home Water Guide to help you locate the leak.