Water Education for Schools

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The Gilbert Water Conservation office provides free educational programming for 4th and 6th grade classes throughout Gilbert. We incorporate science and math to teach children about the importance of water in the desert and how to conserve it. 

 Water Scene Investigation flyer

  •  The 6th grade program is called "Water Scene Investigation" and aligns with 6th grade science and math state standards. The program integrates a lesson on technological water savings with a hands-on learning opportunity for students. Guided by the facilitator, students audit a classroom sink and calculate the estimated water savings from swapping out a simple but effective piece of technology--a faucet aerator. Then, students will be provided two aerators to run the experiment at home. The facilitator will return for a second day to follow up with students to quantify, report, and graphically represent their water savings. Teachers commit to assigning the homework and allowing the facilitator to make two classroom visits (two visits to each class period). The Gilbert Water Conservation office provides the rest! The entire grade level can be served. There can also be opportunities for schools to save water out in the community.
  • The 4th grade program is called "Where's Our Water?" and aligns with 4th grade science and math state standards. The program incorporates a discussion about the water cycle as well as an interactive group experiment where students calculate the amount of water wasted from a simulated leaking faucet. A Gilbert Water Conservation Specialist teaches to one class at a time and can serve the entire grade level at a school. The lesson takes about 50 minutes per class.  

To schedule a program, e-mail or call (480) 503-6896.

Programs are available to the Higley Unified School District, Gilbert Public Schools, and private and charter schools within the Town of Gilbert.

Gilbert Water Festival 

Gilbert Water Conservation also supports a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) event called the Water Festival. Run by Arizona Project WET and utilizing Town employees and business community volunteers, the Water Festival immerses 4th graders and teachers alike in an educational field trip as well as pre- and post-field trip lessons to increase knowledge about where our water comes from and careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.  Interested in volunteering to teach or assist with a water education lesson at the Water Festival? Sign up to volunteer for the March 7 and 8, 2018 Gilbert Water Festival