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Water Budget Program

Water costs for turfgrass and landscape irrigation can be a large budget component for homeowner associations, multifamily complexes, churches, schools, and businesses. Your organization may realize significant cost savings by participating in the Water Budget program, which saved 190 million gallons of water in 2017 for participating customers.  That's over $342,000 in avoided water costs for participating customers.

HOA Water Budget

 A sample water budget graph shows when water usage exceeds the recommended amount for that particular landscape (red) and when usage is in line with projected water needs of the landscape (green). 

  • Gilbert Water Conservation can determine the amount of water that should be applied to a landscape, based on its square footage of turfgrass and desert landscape planted area. 
  • Updates are then provided each month, comparing projected water use with actual water use.   
  • This tool allows board members, property management companies, and landscape contractors to communicate more effectively and share a common goal.  

A Water Conservation Specialist assigned to your organization communicates monthly with your chosen representatives. Interested in participating? Contact Jeff Lee, Water Conservation Specialist, at (480) 503-6878.

Look for the 2017 Water Wise Gilbert organizations coming soon!

They will be recognized and announced at the March 8, 2018 Gilbert Town Council meeting.

2016 Water Wise Gilbert HOAsWater Wise Gilbert HOAs

 Speakers Bureau

Representatives from the Water Conservation office can speak at homeowner association meetings or to groups of residents. They can provide guidelines on ways to save money on water costs and streamline your landscape maintenance budget.

Contact the Gilbert Water Conservation office at (480) 503-6098 to talk to a Water Conservation Specialist. 

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