Water Wise Gilbert

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How to become a Water Wise Gilbert organization

Water Wise Gilbert supports and promotes efficient water use for any non-single family home in Gilbert, helping save water and money. Water Wise Gilbert encourages businesses, HOAs, schools, churches, hotels, and apartment complexes to celebrate their water savings by sharing their accomplishments. This free program is also an element of the Green Gilbert partner program.

Interested in participating?

Contact us at: (480) 503-6895 or Water.Conservation@gilbertaz.gov


In 2018, 214 participants and sites worked with Gilbert Water Conservation and saved 187 million gallons of water, which equates to $336,600 in avoided water costs for these sites.

Not all program participants earn the Water Wise Gilbert distinction. To be labeled Water Wise Gilbert, a site must be within 20% of their annual landscape water budget. For some, this may even be their second, third, or fourth year being given this distinction! This is a major accomplishment.

We’re proud to announce that there are 85 Water Wise Gilbert sites for 2018.

Water Wise Partners 2018

4 Years in a Row
3 Years in a Row
2 Years in a Row

Gilbert Water Conservation retains authority to award organizations with a Water Wise Gilbert label on an annual basis.

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