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2017 Water Wise Gilbert sites

Gilbert Water Conservation works with Homeowner Associations, churches, schools, businesses, and other commercial water customers to help them use water wisely and still maintain a thriving and beautiful landscape. Participants receive a customized water budget, based on the square footage of lawn and desert planted areas at their specific site. The customized water budget is displayed on a web dashboard in a visual and intuitive format. This way, stakeholders can see how close they are to their water use target each month.

In 2017, 120 participants worked with Gilbert Water Conservation and saved over 200 million gallons of water, which equates to $370,000 in avoided water costs for these sites.

Not all program participants earn the Water Wise Gilbert distinction. To be labeled Water Wise Gilbert, a site must be within 20% of their annual landscape water budget. This is a major accomplishment.

We’re proud to announce that there are 62 Water Wise Gilbert sites for 2017:

  • Arete: Great Hearts Academy 
  • Artemina
  • Ashland Ranch
  • Bella Vista
  • Carriage Lane 10
  • Chalice Christian Church
  • Chick-fil-A at San Tan Village Marketplace
  • Children’s Learning Adventure
  • Circle G Meadows II and III Country Lane
  • Desert Gateway Baptist Church
  • Devon
  • Evans Ranch
  • Finley Farms South
  • Fry's 72 at Gilbert and Williams Field
  • Gilbert Community Center
  • Gilbert Fire Stations
  • Gilbert District Parks
  • Guadalupe Stake Center
  • Highland Ranch III
  • Highland Ward
  • Higley Manor
  • JC's Steakhouse
  • La Aldea
  • Liberty Market
  • Lindsay Ranch
  • Lindsay Ward 
  • Maplewood Stake Ward
  • McQueen Park Activity Center
  • Morning Ridge
  • Morrison Ranch Highland Groves
  • Morrison Ranch Lakeview Trails North and South
  • Neely Ranch
  • North Shore
  • Park Village
  • Power Ranch Stake Center
  • Ray/Lindsay Ward
  • Rocket Media
  • Settlers Point
  • Silverhawke
  • Silverstone Ranch
  • Sonoma Ranch
  • Spring Meadows
  • Templeton Place
  • The Cove at Vincenz
  • Val Vista Park
  • Val Vista Place
  • Vintage Ranch
  • Vista Escondida
  • Weston Ranch
  • Windmill Ranch


How to become a Water Wise Gilbert organization

 Water Wise Gilbert promotes efficient water use and helps non-single family residential Gilbert water customers save water and money. Water Wise Gilbert encourages businesses, HOAs, schools, churches, hotels, and apartment complexes to celebrate their water savings by sharing their accomplishments. The program is free of charge.  

How to become WWG

  • Step 1: Schedule a Water Efficiency Checkup with a Gilbert Water Conservation Specialist. 
  • Step 2: Save water by implementing the suggestions from Gilbert Water Conservation and installing the free water efficient technology that's right for your site.
  • Step 3: Promote and utilize the free materials provided by Gilbert Water Conservation to share your organization's accomplishments with your customers. With your permission, we'll also brag about you on Gilbert websites and social media.
  • Step 4: Maintain the achieved water savings (we'll help you by sending water use updates).

 Interested in participating?  Contact us at (480) 503-6895 or Water.Conservation@gilbertaz.gov