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Pool Draining

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Pool Draining for Residential and Commercial Facilities

Do I need a permit to drain my Pool? No, the Town of Gilbert does not require a permit, but there are a few things to consider.

Note: If you live in a community managed by an HOA, please refer to your HOA’s policy regarding pool draining.

The Town of Gilbert allows three options to drain your pool.

Option 1: Your yard or property
(This is the preferred method)

Drain your pool or spa water onto your landscaping or any area on your property that will allow the water to percolate into the ground, if and only if:

  • The land area is sufficient to absorb the water and not cause it to run off into a ditch, street, or other conveyance (i.e. storm drain or retention area).
  • You do not cause any flooding to any neighboring properties.

If only a portion of your pool water can be drained onto your property, then option #2 or #3 can be used for the remainder of the water that needs to be drained.

Option 2: The Sanitary Sewer Clean-Out
(It is located in the front of your yard or property)

Please answer below: If you answer yes to any of these questions, and you cannot contain it on your property, drain pool water into the Sanitary Sewer Clean-Out.

  • Is the pool water high in chemicals?
  • The subdivision streets do not have a curb and gutter?
  • Does the street typically experience flooding problems?
  • Is the pool water green?
  • Do you live in a lake community where the storm water drains into the lake?
  • Are you only backwashing?
  • Do you have a salt water pool?
  • Does your HOA prohibit the drainage of pool water in the common areas?

Option 3: Curb and Gutter
(The only thing that can go to Curb and Gutter is Clean Water)

  • This method should only be practiced if your street does not generally have flooding problems.
  • Make sure your discharge hose is long enough to reach the curb as to prevent erosion of any soil or damage to landscaping.
  • Please do not disturb or flood your neighbors when using this method.

If you have any further questions contact Environmental Compliance at:
(480) 503-6243 or