Trash and Recycle

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As a reminder, bulk items must be placed out between Saturday and Monday at 5 AM prior to the start of your collection week.  Pick up may occur any day during that week. Please check Bulk Schedule  to verify your week.

Curbside Service

We provide single family homes with 90 gallon trash and recycle containers for weekly curbside collection. A second trash container is available for an additional fee. Avid recyclers can request additional recycle containers at no charge. Click to fill out a Service Request or call Customer Service at (480) 503-6400 to request additional containers.


Guidelines for Container Placement

Please place containers out for pick up:

No earlier than 6:00 PM the day prior to your pick up

No later than 5:00 AM the day of your pick up

Spaced at least 2 to 4 feet apart or on opposite sides of your driveway

5 feet from obstacles (signs, vehicles, etc.)

Place recycle containers out only when full

Pull containers back to your home no later than 6 AM the day after collection.


Keeping your container clean: 

As the temperature rises, so can the odors from your trash container. Maintaining the cleanliness of trash and recycle containers is the responsibility of the resident and is not a service provided by the Town.

Here are some simple ways to keep your containers clean: 

  • Always bag and tie all waste before it goes in your trash container.
  • Keep the lid closed at all times. 
  • Regularly wash out your trash container. 
  • Place only clean, dry recyclables in your recycle container.


Bag and tie all household garbage to reduce odors and fly breeding.

Trash must fit into the container with the lid closed at all times.

Yard debris can go into your trash container as long as the lid can still close.

Don’t forget to bag and tie grass and leaves.

Please do not deposit these items in your black trash container:

  • Hot ashes or any item with a burning ember
  • Concrete, rocks, dirt, sand, or construction debris
  • Household hazardous waste such as batteries, oil, cleaning products, paint, and antifreeze. These items can be dropped off at our Household Hazardous Waste Facility.
  • Recyclable materials. Please place them into your blue recycle container.


Below are a few guidelines to help you become an environmental champion:

Materials should be relatively clean.  Lightly rinse food and beverage containers as food is not allowed. It’s ok to leave labels and lids on when recycling.

Discard packing materials. Remove Styrofoam, bubble wrap and liners from boxes and containers before recycling.

Do not bag recyclables. The only exception is shredded paper, which must be placed into a clear plastic bag.

Do not place plastic bags/wrap in the blue container.  Please take them to your nearest grocery store for recycling.


Place recycle containers out only when full

Large or Extra Cardboard

Below are some available options for Town of Gilbert residents to discard cardboard:

· Break down cardboard and place it into your blue recycle container at home. Please remember to remove any packing material from boxes.

· If your recycling needs are greater than one container, additional containers are available at no charge to Gilbert residents.

· Place your cardboard out for bulk pickup on your scheduled service week.

Recycling Opportunities Outside The Container

Just because it can't go in your recycle container doesn't mean it has to end up in the landfill

Carpet and carpet pad can be recycled at Planet Recycling.

Clothing & toys can be donated to your favorite charity.

Major appliances such as washers or dryers, water heaters, refrigerators, air conditioners are collected and recycled through our Appliance Recycling Program.

Paint, chemicals, motor oil, electronics, batteries, etc. can all be brought to our Household Hazardous Waste Facility.

Plastic bags and film can be taken to your local grocery store.  

Unwanted  building materials can be donated to Stardust Building Supplies

Yard waste and kitchen scraps can be used in your compost at home. Gilbert residents can pick up a compost bin at no charge from our Household Hazardous Waste Facility. 

Rechargeable Lithium ion batteries are not accepted in your blue recycle container. These batteries are found in a large variety of electronics including cellphones, laptops, cordless phones, power tools and even children’s toys. During transport, or as a result of damage, these batteries have great potential to combust and cause harm. Please bring all batteries to our Household Hazardous Waste Facility for recycling. 



Here are some simple steps for safe disposal of your Lithium ion batteries:

  • DO NOT place batteries into regular trash or recycle containers. 
  • Tape the terminals of each battery before storage or transport for disposal. This will prevent a fire from a short circuit.
  • If a battery is damaged, bulging or leaking fluid it should be placed in a sealed container, filled with kitty litter, and kept out of reach from children until it can be taken to a proper disposal location.
  • Take batteries to a nearby recycling facility. Gilbert Residents can bring all batteries to our Household Hazardous Waste Facility for recycling. 
    • Many retail stores also provide in-store battery recycling drop off including; Batteries Plus, Best Buy, Target, and Wal-Mart. Call ahead to insure the location you are visiting offers this service. 

Container Maintenance

Container pic

 If your trash or recycle container is cracked, broken or damaged it can be repaired free of charge by our container maintenance crew. Click to schedule a container repair. Please place broken container in normal pick up location for service after requesting a container repair or replacement.


 Maintaining the cleanliness of trash and recycle containers is the responsibility of the resident and is not a service provided by the Town.