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Solid Waste Tips
Solid Waste Tips
Solid Waste Tips

Trash and Recycle

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Guidelines for Container Placement

Please place containers out for pick up:

No earlier than 6:00 PM the day prior to your pick up

No later than 5:00 AM the day of your pick up

Spaced at least 2 to 4 feet apart or on opposite sides of your driveway

5 feet from obstacles (signs, vehicles, etc.)

Place recycle containers out only when full

Pull containers back to your home no later than 6 AM the day after collection.

Trash Information

  • Bag and tie all household garbage and grass to comply with county regulations.
  • Trash must fit into the container with the lid closed at all times.
  • Items outside containers will not be picked up.

Do not place the following items in your black trash container:

  • Hot ashes, fireworks or any item with a burning ember.
  • Concrete, rocks, dirt, sand, tile, block or construction debris.
  • Household hazardous waste such as batteries, cleaning products, cooking oil, paint, and vehicle fluids. These items can be dropped off at our Household Hazardous Waste Facility.

Recycling Information

The China ban on recycling contamination has affected all municipal recycling programs nationwide. While Gilbert used to receive revenues from our recycling program, the Town now incurs costs to continue the program.

It’s more important now than ever to recycle right. The implementation of curbside recycling programs has made it easy for residents to recycle. Over the years there has been an increase in the amount of unacceptable items placed into recycle containers. This contamination has resulted in stricter guidelines for materials to be accepted and sold.

Processing fees are increased based on the rate of contamination, and the higher contamination, the higher the disposal costs. 

Please help us “Make it Matter” when you recycle here in Gilbert. Learn what is acceptable in our curbside recycling program and don’t toss just anything into the container “hoping it will be recycled.” 

Below are a few guidelines to help you become an environmental champion:

Items should be relatively clean.  Lightly rinse food and beverage containers as food is not allowed. It’s ok to leave labels and lids on when recycling.

Discard packing materials. Remove Styrofoam, bubble wrap and liners from boxes and containers before recycling.

Do not bag recyclables.

Do not place plastic bags/wrap in the blue container.  Please take them to your nearest grocery store for recycling.

2nd Cactus Stick With It 

Eco-Friendly Opportunities:

  • Donate your gently used items to your favorite charity.
  • Take plastic bags and film to your local grocery store.  
  • Drop off  building materials toStardust Building Supplies.

Container Maintenance

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If your trash or recycle container is damaged it can be repaired at no cost by our container maintenance crew.

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Maintaining the cleanliness of trash and recycle containers is the responsibility of the resident and is not a service provided by Gilbert.