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Household Hazardous Waste

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(480) 503-6400
2224 E Queen Creek Road Gilbert, AZ 85297
Wednesday & Friday: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Closed Town Observed Holidays 


Note: This facility is open to Gilbert residents only. Residents must bring a picture I.D. and their most recent trash bill or rent receipt (if living in a multi-unit community). 
For the safety of our technicians please box and contain all items.
Do not bring materials in garbage bags.


This 4,000 square foot facility is a place where Gilbert residents can safely dispose of many household hazardous waste materials. We take everything from paint to pool chemicals and many things in between. These products should be household in nature and quantity. There is a limit of 10 gallons on any single liquid type. See all accepted items below. Over 90% of the material collected is reused or recycled through one of our vendors or our on-site Paint Reuse Program.

HHW Brochure


Safety precautions to follow

  • Do not mix different materials together in the same container
  • Keep batteries separate from all other materials 
  • Do not bag or box light bulbs with any other materials
  • Keep products in original containers with legible labels
  • Place containers in cardboard boxes or plastic totes with lids securely fastened for safe transport



Items Accepted

Items Not Accepted

  • Adhesives
  • Automobile tires without rims - 5 tire limit per year
  • Automotive fluids - 10 gallon limit
    •  Antifreeze, hydraulic fluid, motor oil, and transmission fluid
  •  Automotive fuel - 10 gallon limit
    • Gasoline and diesel 
  •  Batteries
    • Alkaline, automotive, carbon, lead acid, lithium, magnesium, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, and zinc 
  •  Cooking oil - 10 gallon limit
  •  Electronic devices                
    • Televisions - Flat screen ONLY
    • Computers, flat screen monitors, and printers
    • Cell phones
  •  Fungicides and pesticides 
  •  Household cleaners
  •  Light bulbs
    •  Fluorescent, neon, and HID
  •  Paint - 10 gallon limit 
    •  Latex (acrylic, vinyl, and water based)
    •  Solvent-based (alkyd and oil-based)
    •  Stain and varnish
  •  Pool chemicals
  •  Fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, camping  cylinders (limit 20), propane tanks, and  thermostats
  •  Scrap metal

***10 gallon per visit, per day limit on all liquids***

  • Business or commercial hazardous waste of any kind
  • Appliances - including small appliances containing Freon - accepted through our Appliance Recycling Program
  • Automobile tires with rims
  • Automotive Airbags
  • Explosives and ammunition - contact Gilbert Police Department (480) 503-6500 for disposal options
  • Medical sharps -See Medical Waste. 
  • Mortar, sand, or stucco solids 
  • Prescription drugs- See Medical Waste. 
  • Radioactive material
  • 55 gallon drums of material. No containers over 5 gallons accepted.
  • Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Televisions and monitors please place out with your bulk.
  • Rear Projection/DLP Televisions - please place out with your bulk.

Since opening in July 2007 through December 2017, we have served more than 65,512 customers. With their help we have diverted over 4,132,290 pounds of material from our landfills! We have also remixed and given 57,139 gallons of paint back to the community for home projects.


In 2017 alone we:

  • Served 10,224 customers
  • Collected 550,973 pounds of material
  • Remixed and distributed 5,370 gallons of paint
  • Collected 43,378 pounds of Electronic Waste (E-waste)

Thanks to all the Gilbert residents that use our facility to safely dispose of their HHW! 


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