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Green Gilbert Partnership Program

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Green Gilbert LogoThe Green Gilbert Partnership Program has been developed to give local businesses in Gilbert a way to show the community they care about our environment.  The program focuses in the areas of pollution prevention, water conservation, and waste reduction. By making the commitments outlined in the program, your company can easily reduce costs, comply with environmental regulations, and be recognized as a leader in sustainable practices in our community.

Current Green Gilbert Partners:

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Get started by filling out the interest form on 311 and a member of our staff will contact you with more information. On the interest form, please list the business' address in the address field and no photo is necessary. 

Green Gilbert

Program Details:

There are requirements within each of the four sections of the program which every participating business must adhere to. To qualify for the program become a Green Gilbert Business Partner these businesses must also maintain an additional 5 "green" actions . Additional actions are determined by the business and approved by the program administrators. 

Learn more about each focus area:

While most of the work in your operation may take place indoors, it can be the actions taken outdoors that have the biggest impact on our environment. Outdoor storage areas and surfaces can harbor pathogens and debris that cause stormwater contamination when it rains. Things such as leaking dumpsters, uncontained litter, and grease deposits can enter the storm drain system and make their way to local waterways and parks. The stormwater and pollution prevention requirements of our program will give your team the tools and knowledge to prevent the contamination of our water resources.

As part of the program, you will receive:

  • Personalized plan for increasing efficiencies throughout your operation 
  • Materials, training and support for staff 
  • Recognition on the Green Gilbert Web page
  • Recognition from council
  • Window Decals
  • Rights to advertise your status online

Bonus Actions - Green Gilbert Partner Plus

There are countless actions a business can take to reduce their environmental impact and Green Gilbert wants to encourage every one of them. Businesses that also work to conserve energy, encourage alternative transportation, or take other sustainable steps will be recognized for going above and beyond. 

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Please contact the Environmental Compliance Division: | (480) 503-6243