Green Gilbert

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Green Gilbert Logo

Green Gilbert is a community initiative to promote green living in our town. The Environmental Compliance, Water Conservation, and Environmental Services divisions have partnered in this mission to make Gilbert a healthier more sustainable community. 

Green Gilbert embodies three core missions:

  • To reduce pollution in our environment
  • To use water wisely
  • To promote recycling and reduce landfill waste

For our inaugural event we asked fourth grade students from all over Gilbert to express these values through art to be featured in a 2018 calendar. We will continue to collaborate to bring these environmental opportunities to our community. Stay tuned! 


2018 Calendar Contest

Green Gilbert is thrilled to announce that the winners for our 2018 Calendar Art Contest have been selected! The talent and creativity shown during this contest were truly inspiring. We would like to thank every person that participated in this contest. We know that the artists go above and beyond to create their works of art, but the commitment from parents and teachers makes it all possible.

Congratulations to these winners!                                  

Ashlyn Forbes | Finley Farms

Azul Daniel | Leading Edge Academy

Brynne Olson | American Leadership Academy

Evelynne Shreel | Centennial Elementary

Gracie Bogle | American Leadership Academy

Kaydin Hart | Mesquite Elementary

Kiley Arendt | Finley Farms

McKenna Fairchild | Neely Traditional Academy

Nayan Shery | Leading Edge Academy

Norah Boling | Patterson Elementary

Olivia Osborn | Leading Edge Academy

Rebekah Hodges | Neely Traditional Academy

Sarena Venti | Neely Traditional Academy

Somchay Akemi Clariza | Neely Traditional Academy


If you have any questions about the calendar contest or Green Gilbert

please contact the Environmental Compliance Division at:

Or  call (480) 503-6243