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Home Owners Associations and other property managers are responsible for maintaining the stormwater infrastructure on private property. The resources and information here are intended to aid private property owners in the requirements for maintenance of these systems. 

Understanding and Maintaining your System

Contact us for general information about your private stormwater infrastructure or specific issues you are facing. The Engineering Standards and Code of Ordinances below can clarify general requirements. 

Our team can assist in helping you to understand your private stormwater infrastructure. Please reach out with any specific issues you are facing.

Tools for Resident Communication

We are here to help your residents understand the importance of stormwater protections however we can. Request a presentation today and help create informed, intelligent residents who care about our precious Gilbert environment. We are also available to attend any type of community event to share the message.

Request a free presentation.

The resources below are available for use in community newsletters and beyond: 


 Pool Draining  Leaking Vehicles 
 Landscaping  Mobile Business


Fun Videos 

Pet Waste


Pool Draining 


Find even more by visiting the AZ Storm Youtube Channel.

Lake Communities

Lake communities face even more challenges from their storm drain system due to direct connections to the lake. It is our goal to support the health of your lake by supporting and educating the community.

Stenciling Program

Gilbert now offers the storm drain labeling stencils, to let everyone know that your drain go directly to the lake. Make sure your residents and others are aware of the impacts their actions can have on the fish and biological balance of your community lakes. Request more information about this labeling program here. 


For questions or more information, please contact us directly at:
or (480) 503-6517