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 Water Harvesting BAnner


The Environmental Compliance Program works to ensure the integrity of our flood control system by enforcing environmental regulations related to stormwater. Our goal is to decrease pollution and contaminants in the storm drain system to protect our water quality and infrastructure. 


Storm drains are flood control systems designed to carry rainwater away from streets and properties in order to prevent flooding after a heavy rain. Any pollution or sediment in the street or other paved surfaces will be picked up by the flowing water and carried into the storm drain. 


Any water that flows into the storm drain system is not treated in a wastewater treatment plant. Instead this water flows directly into local waterways and retention basins, many of which are our own community parks.

Pollution carried into our parks can be harmful to children, pets, and the environment. Debris such as litter, leaves, and grass clippings can block stormwater outlets and increase risk of flooding. It is important for each member of our community to do their part to reduce storm drain contamination. 

Here are some simple things you can do: 

  • Perform routine maintenance on your vehicle to avoid automobile fluid leaks.
  • Visit a car wash to clean your car. 
  • Monitor landscape irrigation to avoid run off. 
  • Sweep up fallen leaves or grass clipping before they make their way into the gutter. 

Remember, it is easier and more cost effective to prevent stormwater pollution than it is to clean it up.

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