Stormwater Management Fact Sheets

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Water is a precious commodity in the desert, as we have learned during drought years. As Gilbert grows, there will be an ever-increasing need to protect our water resources from pollutants. Each of us can share in that responsibility by taking simple measures to ensure that our daily activities help to protect our water resources.

Water flowing over streets and other surfaces picks up sediment and pollutants and carries them into the storm drainage system. Storm drains are flood control systems designed to carry rainwater from streets and properties in order to prevent flooding after a heavy rain. Unlike the sanitary sewer system, the storm drain system does not connect to a wastewater treatment plant, but flows directly into local waterways or retention basins, many of which are parks were children and pets play.

It is easier and cheaper to prevent stormwater pollution than to clean it up. The Town of Gilbert has adopted a Stormwater Management Program that includes public outreach and education of its residents and local businesses, so that everyone can contribute to keeping our stormwater system free from pollution.

Below are some fact sheets for general information, residents, and businesses in Gilbert. Also check out Arizona Department of Environmental Quality’s (ADEQ) website or the Maricopa County Environmental Programs website for more information.

General Information for Everyone

Information for Residents

Information for Businesses