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Water Harvesting 101 Class Series

Gilbert Environmental Compliance has partnered with the Watershed Management Group to provide a unique series of classes for the Green Gilbert community. These classes are designed to provide residents with all of the basics for creating a luscious and low impact landscape through passive water harvesting techniques. Participants will develop a personalized plan for their own space over the series. 

Water Harvesting 101: Earthworks     Thursday January 31, 2019

This session is all about WMG’s 3 “S”s: slow, spread, and sink. Learn how to use passive rainwater harvesting to create a series of berms, basins, and swales that will direct rainwater to beneficial use for plants while reducing flooding and erosion in your yard. These practices will slow the flow of the water, spread it across the areas where it’s needed, and sink it into the ground.

Class project: Rain garden sizing and placement

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Water Harvesting 101: Native Plants     Thursday February 7, 2019

How can you create a beautiful, lush landscape while conserving water? We'll show you how to select native plants to build wildlife habitat, shade your home, and create an appealing landscape for your yard. If you're looking for the best trees and plants to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, bloom bright with color, or cool off your home with shade, we've got you covered.  

Class project: Plant plan for your home – type, location, and benefits of native plants you will use

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Water Harvesting 101: Soils     Thursday February 14, 2019

Urban yards have the potential to produce well beyond their natural productivity without needing costly store products by integrating the use of typical waste streams such as greywater, stormwater, plant trimmings, and more. You’ll learn how to assess your yard’s soil type and simple ways to effectively use typical household wastes to build soil health and promote productive urban landscapes.

Class project: Soil resource plan 

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Learn more about Watershed Management Group and their mission on their website


School Programs

The EPA has developed programs and publications to provide further educational opportunities to kids and teachers with regard to storm water pollution issues.

HOA Presentations

Learn ways your homeowner’s association and residents can help prevent environmental issues. Request a presentation today and help create informed, intelligent residents who care about our precious Gilbert environment.

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Fact Sheets

To view some fact sheets for general information, residents, and businesses in Gilbert, check out our stormwater page.

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