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School Programs

Stormwater in the Desert

Introducing our new Stormwater in the Desert Teacher Guide! This expansion to our Stormwater in the Desert Activity Book has been developed to help teachers bring stormwater to life in the classroom. This book contains all of the information you need to understand how storms happen and impact our Desert home. From the water cycle, to mapping our watershed, and even determining the runoff coefficient of an impermeable surface area, there is a lesson for any classroom included! This book is great for a whole unit on stormwater or picking and choosing lessons for related topics. 

The teacher guide and activity book are provided for FREE download right here on our webpage. 

You may also submit a request to receive a classroom set of printed activity books and rain gauges! 

STORMWATER CoverTeacher Guide

EPA Resources

The EPA has developed programs and publications to provide further educational opportunities to kids and teachers with regard to storm water pollution issues.

HOA Presentations

Learn ways your homeowner’s association and residents can help prevent environmental issues. Request a presentation today and help create informed, intelligent residents who care about our precious Gilbert environment.

Click here to request a free presentation.

Fact Sheets

To view some fact sheets for general information, residents, and businesses in Gilbert, check out our stormwater page.

For more information about statewide stormwater programs visit these websites: 


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