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Flashing Yellow Arrow

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Flashing Yellow Arrow Left Turn Signal

A flashing yellow arrow (FYA) will notify drivers turning left that they must yield to on-coming traffic before turning onto the on-ramp.  The flashing yellow arrow indicates that you may turn left, but it is a more obvious reminder than the traditional green ball that turning drivers should be yielding to oncoming traffic. The goal of the new type of signal is to improve the safety at intersections.


The flashing yellow signal was approved by the Federal Highway Administration after nation-wide research showed the flashing yellow arrow heightens driver awareness when turning left in front of oncoming traffic.  Based on the successful operation of the FYA over the past several years in locations across the United States, the Federal Highway Administration adopted the FYA display in the most recent update to the federal standards governing traffic signals.

How it Works

The flashing yellow arrow traffic signal head consists of four different arrow indications used exclusively for left-turning traffic.

Steady Red Arrow

Drivers must stop and may  not enter the intersection.  

Steady Yellow Arrow

Drivers are warned the turning signal is about to turn red. Do not enter the intersection if you can stop safely. Vehicles in the intersection should safely complete their turns.

Flashing Yellow Arrow

Drivers are allowed to turn after yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. (Oncoming traffic has a green light.) Drivers must determine if there is an adequate gap before turning.

Steady Green Arrow

Drivers making a turn have the right-of-way.