MF0400: Public Safety Training Facility

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Public Safety Training Facility Project Map

Current Phase: Construction 

  • Construction Start: May 13, 2019
  • Construction Completion: Spring 2021

Progress Update:


  • SITE: Storm drain piping and catch basins complete. Completed ribbon curb and backfill. Site fencing installation begun.
  • Admin/Classroom Bldg.: Slab on grade completed except @ apparatus bay. Masonry walls to 2nd floor structural bearing height and in wall electric on-going.
  • Shooting Range: All slabs on grade and underground plumbing and electrical rough-in complete. Masonry walls topped out @ both ranges and to 9’-4” at non-range. In wall electric on-going.
  • Big Box: Slab on grade and masonry at loading dock complete.
  • Burn Buildings: Footings & stem walls and slab on grade complete at all buildings except Class A Residential slab. Strip Mall masonry to 8’. Apartment Tower 2nd floor deck form work complete.


  • SITE: Continue site fencing installation, complete paving track, resume installing water line.
  • Admin/Classroom Bldg.: All masonry walls (areas 2 & 3)to parapet, install steel columns & joists, on-going in wall mechanical, electric & plumbing.
  • Shooting Range: Complete all masonry walls, install steel columns, beams & joists, and on-going in wall electrical, mechanical and plumbing.
  • Big Box: Masonry walls to 8’, on-going in wall electrical and plumbing.
  • Burn Buildings: Strip Mall masonry to roof deck, form & pour roof deck. Class A Residential pour basement slab, form and pour 1st floor deck. Class B Residential install 1st floor masonry walls, in wall electric and form 2nd floor deck. Apartment Tower pour 2nd floor deck, form and pour 3rd floor.

Project Description:

CIP Project MF040 represents an approved joint Police and Fire Training Facility. The project calls for the design and construction of a public safety training facility on the southern portion of the Rittenhouse basin bordered by the East Maricopa County Floodway (EMF), Power Road, and the Union Pacific Railroad/Rittenhouse Alignment (see map below). The proposed training facility consists of multiple tactical, prop and classroom structures, shooting range and a driver training track necessary for the best-in-class training of police officers, firefighters, and other first responders.

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