Identity Theft Prevention

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Arizona is #2 in the nation for Identity Theft. With this in mind, the Arizona Attorney General’s office recommends these:

Tips to Protect Your Identity

  • Review your bank and credit card statements monthly.
  • Remove your social security number from your driver’s license.
  • Keep credit card account information in a safe place.
  • Never give bank or credit card account information over the phone unless you initiated the call and know the business.
  • Order a copy of your credit report annually and check it carefully.
  • Keep your wallet or purse in a secure place at all times.
  • When ordering by phone or on-line, use a credit card rather that a debit card.
  • Always take your credit card receipts.
  • Cancel credit cards that you don’t use. 
  • Install a locked mailbox at your home or use a post office box.
  • Use a secure mailbox when mailing bills or checks.
  • Shred anything with personal identifying information before discarding.
  • Store PIN numbers and credit/debit cards in separate safe places.
  • Delete all personal information from your computer before disposing of it.
  • Remove your name from mailing lists generated by telemarketers.
  • Minimize the number of credit cards you carry.
  • Don’t carry your social security card with you.
  • Never use your social security card for identification.

What is "Personal Identifying Information"?

  • name
  • address
  • date of birth
  • passwords
  • pin numbers
  • social security number

How do Thieves get Your Personal Identifying Information?

  • Steal your wallet or purse
  • Steal personal information from your home or vehicle
  • Steal credit or debit card numbers as the card is being processed
  • Steal mail from your mailbox
  • Go through your trash
  • Pretend to be your landlord or employer to get your credit reports or personnel records
  • Divert your mail by using a change of address form
  • You give it to people you trust

What are the Most Common Kinds of Identity Fraud?

  • Credit card fraud
  • Phone and utility fraud 
  • Bank fraud
  • Employment-related fraud
  • Government document or benefit fraud
  • Loan fraud

Where to go for Information

Arizona Agencies

Arizona Attorney General - Office of Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard - 
1275 West Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85007
602-542-5763 / Toll Free 800-352-8431

400 West Congress, Suite 315,Tucson, Arizona 85701
520-628-6504 / Toll Free 800-352-8431

Arizona Motor Vehicle Department - 800-251-5866

To remove your social security number from your driver’s license or to order a duplicate driver’s license - Service Arizona

Credit Reports

Equifax Information Services - P.O. Box 740241, Atlanta, Georgia 30374-0241 - 800-525-6285

Experian - P.O. Box 9532, Allen, Texas 75013 - 888-397-3742

Trans Union - P.O. Box 6790, Fullerton, California 92634-6790 - 800-680-7289

To remove your name from credit bureau mailing lists, call 888-567-8688.


To remove your name and home address from national telemarketing mailing and phone lists: Direct Marketing Association - Consumers