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Property & Evidence

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BikesHours of Operation

Monday through Thursday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. by appointment only – no walk-ins please. Call 480-635-7166 to schedule an appointment.


Auctions are held the first Saturday of each month by Sierra Auctions at 3570 NW Grand Avenue. Call (602) 242-7121 or visit for more details.

Picking Up Property

Call 480-635-7166 to pick up property. Please have case number ready when calling. A valid, state issued I.D. card is required for obtaining property.

Is your bike here?

Each year, hundreds of bikes are lost or stolen in the Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa area alone. Most of these bikes end up in the Police Property and Evidence facilities as abandoned and eventually end up at auction. Many bikes are taken for fun only to be dumped later for another bike.

List of Lost/Found Property


Tips to prevent theft of bicycles


  1. Note the BRAND, MODEL, COLOR and SERIAL NUMBER of each bike in your home. Write this information on the owner’s manual or the Operation Identification Inventory Sheet (see Operation Identification in the Crime Prevention Home Page below) and keep it in a file for easy retrieval. The SERIAL NUMBER is usually stamped on the bottom of the bike where the pedals meet. On some Huffy bikes, the serial number is stamped on the side of the front forks.
  2. Take a picture of the bike to help identify it later. 
  3. Make the bike unique. Put yours or the child’s name and phone number somewhere on the bike. If found, most people will contact the owner directly. If you don’t want your phone number on the bike, add something unique to the bike to make it stand out from all the other bikes. A unique sticker, a first name license plate or even a certain color of cloth wrapped around the seat stem. (Many people do this with luggage to help them identify it at an airport). Remember, Wal-Mart and Target sell hundreds of boy’s blue NEXT bikes a year. Help the Police Department distinguish yours from the others.
  4. Register your bike with the Gilbert Police Department Crime Prevention. Contact Gilbert Crime Prevention for more information at (480) 503-6527. 
  5. Always store bikes in a secure place – not laying around in the front yard! Keep bikes in fenced back yards or in the garage. Keep the gates locked and garage doors down. 
  6. Use a lock and chain to lock bikes when not at home. Many bikes are taken at parks and convenient stores simply because they are left unattended and unlocked. Often times, these bikes are dumped only a few blocks away from where they were taken.

What to do if your bike is missing 

  1. Report it to the police at 480-503-6500. If possible, have the brand, model, color, serial number and any other unique information about the bike ready when filing a report. If the serial number is known, the number can be entered into a nationwide database available to all police agencies throughout the U.S. If the serial number is not known, the bike should still be reported to local police.
  2. After two weeks, call the Gilbert Police Department Property & Evidence section to see if the bike was recovered. Have as much information as possible available when calling. If the Property & Evidence personnel believe the department has the bike you have described, an appointment can be made to view the bike. No walk-ins please. Call 480-635-7166, Monday through Thursday, 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.


Other Tips for Protecting Valuables