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Women in Policing

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Women in Law Enforcement

The Gilbert Police Department is committed to diversifying its organization to better match the demographics of the supportive citizenry it serves.  A large component of this mission is increasing the number of female police officers who work for the Town of Gilbert. 

The Gilbert Police Department is proud of its inclusive culture for all persons.  With the current and projected growth of the Town of Gilbert, this is a prime opportunity to step up to the challenge and police our fantastic community. The Gilbert Police Department has numerous ongoing opportunities for career growth, specialization, and advancement. 

The Gilbert Police Department is interested in applicants looking to use their superb communication skills, dedication, and drive to bolster our stellar work force, and provide exceptional service to all our citizens.  Being a Police Officer is a challenging career, but it provides a deeply rewarding satisfaction unlike anything else. 

Women of The Gilbert Police Department

Women In Policing_Covey Women In Policing_Gunter

 "Women are needed in this profession. Women tend to communicate differently than men do. Sometimes we get suspects or victims that only want to talk with or feel most comfortable with a female officer. To be able to bring a softer side to the profession is a unique asset that we have the opportunity to fulfill."

Officer Dani Covey, Patrol Division


"Being a police officer seemed like a natural fit for me. I enjoy being active and have a passion for helping people. I have always been in a mentoring role. I see police work as another avenue to mentor people, even for those short times when you are with people."

Sergeant Maria Gunter, School Resource           

Women In Policing_Guerra  Women In Policing_Soderman

"What motivates me to do this job is going to a call and seeing the difference that I make for that person. It gives me a feeling of fulfillment and drives me to do better at my next call. Seeing the help and relief on the faces of the people that I have helped, is something I take personally." 

Officer Juliana Guerra, Patrol Division

"I have been in law enforcement for over 12 years, and I have two kids. I think that being a mother makes me a better police officer, and being a police officer makes me a better mother. I am able to use what I have learned on the job and take them home to teach my kids."

Detective Carrie Soderman, Special Victims Unit


Tips for Success:

  1. Don’t just exercise, train.  Our physical fitness standards are available here.  Training involves a plan and a goal.  If you are working toward excelling on our fitness test, that is just the beginning.  Your high level of fitness will pay dividends throughout the hiring process, Arizona Law Enforcement Academy, and the rest of your career.


  2. Do your homework.  Use all available resources to get a comprehensive idea of what being a police officer means and what challenges you’ll face.  Speak to current Gilbert officers, read websites regarding women in policing, and research the details of the profession.


  3. Build a support system.  After you’ve researched the career, talk with family and friends and explain why you’ve chosen to become a police officer.  Tell them why Gilbert is the best place to follow your dreams and help them understand. It may be a difficult conversation, but explaining to loved ones your motivation will help everyone moving forward.