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Please visit the Job Opportunities webpage to apply. 

Below you will find an outline of the testing process. Please begin filling out the necessary forms and compiling the required paperwork sooner than later so you can be prepared.

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Application Timeline:

Application Information:

Spring 2019

Police Officer Recruitment Information

How to apply for the position of Police Officer

  1. Carefully review the Automatic Disqualifiers section below to determine your eligibility. 
  2. Complete the appropriate  Police Recruit or  Lateral Officer application and submit by the deadline AND Complete the AZ POST Statement of Personal History and the Authorization for Release, which will be collected upon successful completion of the physical agility test. *Please note that the linked form requires two (2) notary signatures.
  3. After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email from  Make sure you check your email spam folder. Do not apply more than one time.
  4. Dress professionally, arrive early, and bring picture identification with you.

Automatic Disqualifiers

Applicants who meet any of the following will be automatically disqualified by the Town of Gilbert and/or Arizona POST:

  • Applicants must be 21 years of age by completion of the academy.
  • Ability to obtain United States citizenship prior to being appointed or attending the police academy
  • Conviction of a felony or any offense that would be a felony if committed in Arizona.
  • Previous revocation or denial of AZ POST certified status, or suspension of current AZ POST certified status.
  • Dishonorable discharge from the United States Armed Forces.
  • Illegal sale, production, cultivation, or transport of marijuana for sale.
  • Illegal possession or use of marijuana for any purpose within the past three years.
  • Illegal use of marijuana other than for experimentation (see definition below).
  • Illegal use of marijuana while employed or appointed as a peace officer.
  • Illegal sale, production, cultivation, or transport for sale any dangerous drugs or narcotics.
  • Illegal use of dangerous drugs or narcotics, other than marijuana, for any purpose more than five times in lifetime, no more than one time after the age of 21, and no use within the past seven years.
  • Illegal use of dangerous drugs or narcotics other than for experimentation (see definition below).
  • Used or consumed any product containing, or made using, edible marijuana or any marijuana derivative (including THC oil and/or the vaping of THC oil) in the last seven (7) years.
  • Illegal possession or use of marijuana other than for experimentation.
  • Pattern of illegal use of prescription medication.
  • Misdemeanor domestic violence conviction involving the use or attempted use of force, or the threatened use of a deadly weapon.
  • No more than one DUI conviction in a lifetime, and none within the past seven years.
  • No more than eight driving points, or two or more at fault accidents within the previous 36 months.

The use of an illegal drug is presumed to be not for experimentation if:

  1. The use of marijuana exceeds a total of 20 times, or exceeds 5 times since the age of 21 years.
  2. The use of dangerous drugs or narcotics, other than marijuana, exceeds a total of five times in a lifetime, no more than one time after the age of 21, and no use within the past seven years.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the disqualifiers, please contact the GILBERT POLICE DEPARTMENT at 480-503-6500 and ask to speak to a Hiring Section Background Investigator. 

Physical Agility Test

Gilbert Police Jobs Gilbert Police Jobs Gilbert Police Jobs

Minimum Required:

Sit Ups: 36 (within 1 minute)

Push Ups: 20 (untimed)

1.5 Mile Run: 15:48 minutes

Here are some tips we recommend to help you succeed in taking the physical fitness test.

  • Get a physician's exam prior to the test to identify any possible health issues.  If you are more than 15 lb. overweight, we recommend that you talk to your doctor about your diet and consider trying to lose the extra weight.  Explain your intentions to your doctor and ask for his/her honest opinion as to your general ability to do high stress exercises.  Regardless of the answer, you will be better educated as to what your limitations are.
  • Begin a fitness program as soon as possible.  The program should include aerobic exercise, such as running or bicycling, as well as some light weight lifting to increase strength.  If you're new to routine exercise, consult a fitness trainer for a routine that will help you achieve your goals.  Before and after your workouts, spend extra time stretching out; flexibility is a key to doing well on these tests. 
  • The night prior to your test, eat a meal high in carbohydrates.  Potatoes or pasta would be good examples.  Avoid alcohol and caffeine, as they tend to dehydrate your body.  Also, begin drinking water and over-hydrating your system.  Many applicants suffer from dehydration because they forget this simple rule of life in the desert.  Don't forget to bring water and fruit to the test for extra energy if you need it. 
  • Wear light fitness clothing.  Supportive "sport type" undergarments are encouraged. 
  • Arrive at the test site early.  This will give you extra time to warm up and stretch. 
  • You may also consider having a friend drive you to and from the test.  Driving can be difficult and annoying when you're physically exhausted. 
  • Remember to bring your driver's license for proper identification. 
  • Finally, be friendly and encouraging to your co-applicants.  Remember, good attitudes and teamwork go far in law enforcement. 


Compensation & Benefits


  • 10 Paid Holidays Each Year
  • Overtime Paid at Time and a Half
  • Extra-Duty Opportunities
  • Shift Differential Pay
  • Bilingual Compensation
  • Veterans Eligible for GI Bill Pay During
    Academy and Training 


  • Defined State Benefit Pension
  • 4-Day Work Week
  • Paid Vacation and Sick Time
  • Health and Dental Benefits
  • Variety of Specialty Assignments
  • Life Insurance
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Uniforms/Equipment Supplied
  • Promotional Opportunities
  • Military Preference Points

Career Paths

  • Field Training Officer
  • Rank Promotions
  • Numerous Detective Specialties
  • Tactical SWAT Team
  • K9 Unit
  • School Resource Officer
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Criminal Apprehension Team

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