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Outdoor Learning Project

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Welcome to The Outdoor Learning Project for the Riparian Area in Gilbert!

This Town of Gilbert project provides new ways to experience the Riparian Area through learning about the habitat, wildlife, people and activities that relate to this area. There are two ways to access the information: Use the links below to see the material before or after your visit; or use a smart phone with a QR code reader 'app' to read QR codes placed at various 'stops' around the Riparian Area, allowing you to open web pages while you're there on site. There is no particular order in which to visit the stops, and you should just enjoy the stops as you find them.

Check back to see new updates as seasons change and new pages are added.

Property Map (pdf)

  • Can I Feed the Ducks?

  • What is this Place?

  • What does 'Water Ranch' mean?

  • Is this Gilbert site for taking care of people or nature?

  • What's this 'R' word being used around here?

  • What can you do here?

  • Where in the world's water is Arizona?

  • A soggy time in Arizona?

  • Where does this stream come from?

  • If you were an Arizona raindrop, where would you want to go?

  • What did the original Arizonan's rely on for getting their water?

  • What is that sound of rushing water I hear?

  • Why isn't every basin kept filled with water?

  • Are there swamps in Arizona?

  • Are there really Islands at the Riparian Preserve?