Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch

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Preserve Address

Jennifer Lauria                              480-503-6234                                  90 E. Civic Center Drive
Gilbert, AZ 85296

(480) 503-6200

For Wildlife Concerns contact:
Jennie Rambo, Naturalist
(480) 797-2019         

Observatory Information:       

Park Hours                                     5:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Habitat area open dawn to dusk

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To be recognized as a premiere education and recreation resource in Arizona while:

  • Preserving valuable natural resources;
  • Supporting creation and conservation of scarce riparian areas;
  • Protecting needed habitat for wildlife.

To promote awareness and appreciation of Arizona’s ecology and natural history, particularly desert and riparian environments, through:

  • Education and recreation programs for a diversity of visitors, and
  • Research and development of strategies to reserve and protect these unique environments


  • Interpretative Excellence (Indirect Education) To provide the best possible interpretative experience for all visitors seeking education and/or recreation leisure time.
  • Education Excellence (Direct Education)
    To provide the best possible facilities to accommodate education experiences for life long learning.
  • Conservation Excellence (Research and Development)
    To provide for an environment dedicated to conserving valuable natural resources.