Certificate of Insurance Requirements

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The Town of Gilbert has established insurance and certificate of insurance requirements for those facility users, vendors and contractors entering into agreements with the Town. Before using many of the facilities, the Town must be furnished with a certificate of insurance.

Insurance will be required when an individual, group, organization, or business conducts an event utilizing Town of Gilbert facilities, including Parks & Recreation facilities, and one or more of the following applies:
1. The general public is invited to attend, observe, and/or participate.
2. Sales of merchandise and/or food will take place.
3. Sales and/or free distribution of alcoholic beverages will take place.
4. Commercial or business use of a facility, with participants being charged a fee.
5. Organized youth sports with formal coaching and/ or adult direction being given to a group.
6. Organized adult sport league, tournament or games.

If an event held at Town of Gilbert facilities does not meet one of the above criteria and is intended for the sole use of the individual, group, organization, or business conducting the event, no insurance will be required.
For the insurance requirements to be met, see the following below. Specific events determined to be more or less risk might require different insurance requirements. (Example – fireworks shows)
B. Insurance Certificate Requirements:
1. An original certificate of insurance certifying below coverage must be mailed or delivered to:
Town of Gilbert,
Parks & Recreation Department
50 E. Civic Center Drive
Gilbert, Arizona 85296

2. A copy must be received five (5) business days, (Monday-Thursday 7a-6p), PRIOR to the reservation date or the reservation may be cancelled.
3. The insurance provided must be written by an A. M. Best’s rated insurance carrier maintaining a rating of “A-VIII” or better.
4. A minimum of thirty (30) days’ written notice of cancellation or reduction in insurance coverage must be given to the Town of Gilbert.

Make sure the following is included on your insurance certificate:
• Insured: Must list the name of the League/Organization
• League/Organization Contact name(s) *
• Address
• The specific date(s) and location(s) of the event must be clearly stated on the certificate for one-time events.
*League/Organization contact name(s) on the insurance certificate and/or on file with the producer of the policy must match the name listed as the contact for the league/organization in the Town of Gilbert reservation database.

The Town of Gilbert will accept reservations by the league/organization contact person(s) ONLY.
If there is a change in league/organization name or contact person(s), an updated insurance policy must be submitted to the Town of Gilbert before any new reservations can be made.

2. In the amount of
 $1 million ($1,000,000) each occurrence combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage liabilities
 $2 million ($2,000,000) aggregate
3. The Town of Gilbert must be named as “Additional Insured”.
4. Address on policy – Town of Gilbert, 50 E. Civic Center Drive, Gilbert, AZ 85296 Attention: Parks & Recreation Department.

The insurance requirement should be your first priority because your event or activity will not be approved or scheduled until a proper Certificate of Insurance is received. DO NOT advertise your event until the requirement is met and an official reservation permit has been received. For further information: (480) 503-6200.