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Reserving a Ramada

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Reserve Online

Reserve by phone: 480-503-6200 Monday-Thursday 7:00am-6:00pm
Credit Card Required

Reserve in person Monday-Thursday 7:00am-6:00pm

Parks and Recreation Office: 90 E Civic Center Drive, Gilbert, AZ
Credit card (American Express, MasterCard and Visa), money order, cash or check (with valid driver's license) accepted. Monday-Thursday 7:00am-6:00pm

Reservations using an inflatable or equipment MUST be made a minimum of 5 business days in advance.

Check out the Town Municipal Codes for rules and what is prohibited and allowed at our parks.

Ramada Sizes and Fees

  Fee/Hour Resident  Fee/Hour Non-Resident   Fee/Hour
Business Rate
 Small Ramada   $15.00/hr  $18.75/hr $30.00/hr
  1-4 tables (seats ~6-28)
 Medium Ramada  $20.00/hr   $25.00/hr  $40.00/hr
  5-7 tables (seats ~30-42)
 Large Ramada  $25.00/hr   $31.25/hr  $50.00/hr
  8+ tables (seats ~48 +)
 Ramada Grouping
(McQueen only)
 $25.00/hr  $31.25/hr $50.00/hr
  3 ramadas, 9 tables (seats ~54)

Other Reservable Park Space & Amenities

  Fee/Hour Resident   Fee/Hour Non-Resident Fee/Hour
Business Rate

 Picnic Tables    $3.00/table  $3.75/table $6.00/table
Per table charge
Open Space/Common Area $10.00/hr $12.50/hr $20.00/hr
Neighborhood Park* Ramadas $7.50/hr $9.50/hr $30.00/hr
Neighborhood Park*
Open Space

Courts (Sand Volleyball, Basketball & Tennis)
 $7.00/hr   $8.75/hr  $14.00/hr
Per court charge
 Amphitheater  $25.00/hr   $31.25/hr $50.00/hr
 Page Park Pavilion  $25.00/hr   $31.25/hr $50.00/hr
Must request use of electricity  

Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch

  Fee/Hour Resident   Fee/Hour Non-Resident Fee/Hour
Business Rate

Small Ramada    $15.00/hr   $18.75/hr $30.00/hr
1-4 tables (seats ~6-28)
Over Look Pavilion  $25.00/hr   $31.25/hr $50.00/hr
Must request use of electricity  
Riparian Common Area
East or West
$10.00/hr $12.50/hr $20.00/hr
Ramada rental required
Water Sedge Edge Campsite $30.00/flat fee $37.50/flat fee $60.00/flat fee
Up to 20 campers
Honey Bee Point Campsite $40.00/flat fee $50.00/flat fee $80.00/flat fee
Up to 20-35 campers
Canal Campsite $40.00/flat fee $50.00/flat fee $80.00/flat fee
Up to 40 campers
 Dino Dig $20.00/hr $25.00/hr $40.00/hr  

Other Fees

  Fee/Hour Resident   Fee/Hour Non-Resident Fee/Hour
Business Rate

Vendor Fee (per day) $25.00 $31.25 $50.00
Refund/Cancellation Fee (per reservation)


$6.25 $10.00

*Neighborhood parks:
Oak Tree, Villa Madeira, Old West, Page, Vaughn, Veterans, John Allen, Village II, Vista Allegre, Sunview, Circle G.

Admin Fee: A $25.00 admin fee will be applied beginning with the 3rd change on a park reservation. (Non-Coalition only)

Special Fees: Special fees and surcharges may be assessed to recoup costs and expenses incurred by the Parks and Recreation Department as a result of providing primarily exclusive benefits to an individual or group.

Business Rate: A Business Rate of double the existing resident rate will be applied to any individual, group, club, agency, organization or business using a facility as a location for the delivery of a program, service or contest of any nature. This includes, but is not limited to, any person or entity providing exercise or fitness training, group or private lessons, and any type of dog training or competition.

Inclement Weather:  If inclement weather causes a cancellation of a reservation, notice should be given the next business day to the Parks and Recreation Department office.  The reservation permit may be re-issued for an alternate date, or the fee may be refunded.