Water Tower Plaza

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Park Amenities

  • 0.7 Acre Park
  • Gilbert Water Tower
  • Historical Adobe Pump House
  • Splash Pad
  • Spinning Granite Ball Water Feature
  • Water Wall Feature
  • Parking Lot
  • Informal Stage
  • Grassy Turf Amphitheater
  • Benches
  • 7 Café Tables & 27 chairs
  • Bike racks
  • Restrooms available

Splash Pad

Closed for maintenance during through March 17th.

The Splash pad at the Water Tower Plaza is open Monday-Sunday from 7am-10pm, with some weather based and seasonal variations see the list below for details:

  • The Splash pad will turn off when the wind reaches 8 mph or more and back on when the wind dies down. This is an automated feature controlled by a wind sensor at the plaza. 
  • The Splash pad is unavailable from 7am-1pm on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month from October through March for the Artwalk.

The floating granite ball at the Water Tower Plaza is always on, with the exception of 2 minutes a day from 12am-12:02am.

Ramada’s/Picnic Tables:

  • 7 Café tables and 27 chairs 


For facility availability check:

Gilbert Recreation Facility Rental Availability

About Water Tower Plaza

Water Tower ParkGilbert’s Water Tower Plaza is a 0.7 acre park area that opened in 2008. The park forms a plaza surrounding the historic Gilbert Water Tower and Historic Adobe Pump House in the heart of Downtown Gilbert. Water Tower Plaza features water walls, a splash pad, a large floating granite ball, steel runnel structure, and seating areas.

The water tower was originally built in 1927 and instantly became a town icon and source of great pride for all the members of the Gilbert community where it served to store water for firefighting and later stored drinking water until 1985. When the water tower went out of service, the fate of the water tower was in question, however the Gilbert Town Council took the necessary steps and the water tower was preserved and the plaza was created.

Water Tower ParkGilbert's water tower, now restored, is alongside an old adobe pump house that was originally Gilbert's first jail. Added to the area are several water features to supplement the history and importance the water tower holds in the town. One such water feature is a 9.5 ton granite ball called a kugel ball. Give it a push and, with the help of a thin layer of water, you can direct all 19,000 lbs. of it where you want it to go!

Another water feature that was added is a small pop-jet fountain splash play area where little kids can enjoy some good, wet fun and a water wall with cantilever bench and illuminated blue glass windows.

The grassy area, permanent seating options, and open plaza lends itself to multiple uses, from theatrical performances and minstrels, to arts and crafts fairs and street performers. This central gathering space is a focal point of the Gilbert Heritage District.