Fire Record Request

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Citizens requesting Fire Records under the public records law must complete a Fire Report Request Form specific to their type of request. Forms can be located at the link below or in person at the Gilbert Fire & Rescue Department Administration, 85 E. Civic Center Dr. Gilbert, AZ 85296.

Types of GFRD Public Records Request Forms:

Fire Incident Report

  • Incidents involving Fire response only (not a medical incident)

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Pre-Hospital Care Report Request

  • Medical Incidents
  • This report will include the paramedics documentation of patient care

**Please read the request form instructions carefully. These reports contain private patient information. If a notary is required- the ORIGINAL request form MUST be mailed or dropped to Gilbert Fire Administration, 85 E. Civic Center Dr. Gilbert, AZ 85296**

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Phase 1, Environmental and Inspection Report

  • For use by builders, surveyors, etc. to request Fire Prevention Inspection Records, Violation reports, and Hazardous Materials Permits
  • All above ground tanks are permitted and inspected through the Town of Gilbert Development Services (480)503-6700. Requests for these records must be submitted to Development Services.
  • Underground tanks are regulated by the AZ State Fire Marshal’s Office. It may be appropriate to contact the Arizona State Fire Marshal’s Office as well as Maricopa County for additional information.

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Commercial Report Request

  • Commercial requests are requests in which the requestor can reasonably anticipate monetary gain from direct or indirect use of the record
  • This request form must be completed in addition to a form that is specific to the type of report being sought (i.e. Fire Incident, Pre Hospital Care, Environmental)

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Other Types of Report Requests

  • Information being requested that is outside of the defined forms listed above
  • Place detailed information regarding your request in the Type of Incident” Field

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Completed request forms can be submitted to GFRD

  • By email at 
    (not for use with Prehospital Care Requests needing original notary)
  • By fax at (480)503-6360
    (not for use with Prehospital Care Requests needing original notary)
  • In person at GFRD Administration, 85 E. Civic Center Dr. Gilbert, AZ 85296
  • By mail to GFRD Administration, Attn: Records, 85 E. Civic Center Dr. Gilbert, AZ 85296

Environmental Information Reports *fee is per address*   $15 
Public Records Report Request – CD format  $10 per CD
Public Records Report Request- emailed, faxed, paper  No fee

Payment can be made by: credit card, cash, or check.

Processing Time for Requests

Records requests will be processed as quickly as possible but may take up to ten business days to complete

*Exceptions to the processing time may be made in exigent circumstances such as pre-hospital care reports for organ donations.*