Hazardous Materials

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Always Call 9-1-1 if you are in danger and need assistance.

How Citizens May Be Notified of a Major Chemical Emergency.

In the event of a major chemical emergency, residents HazMatwill be notified by authorities. To get their attention they may be called by telephone, or emergency personnel may drive by and give instructions over a loudspeaker. Officials could even go door-to-door.  Information may also be available on the Town’s Social Media sites.

Listen carefully to radio or television emergency alert stations and strictly follow instructions. People’s lives could depend on it.

What To Do in a Chemical Emergency

  • Follow the instructions of the authorities carefully. Listen to emergency broadcast stations on radio and television.
  • Use the phone only in life-threatening emergencies, and then call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-362-0101, EMS, 9-1-1, or the operator immediately.
  • If citizens are told to "shelter in place", they should go inside, close all windows and vents and turn off all fans, heating or cooling systems. Take family members and pets to a safe room, seal window and doors with tape, and listen to emergency broadcast stations for instructions.HazardChem
  • If told to evacuate immediately, residents should pack only the bare essentials, such as medications, and leave their home quickly. Citizens should follow the traffic route authorities recommend and to avoid taking short cuts on the way to the shelter.
  • If you find someone who appears to have been injured from chemical exposure, make sure you are not in danger before administering first aid.
  • If the water has been contaminated by the chemical, residents should drink bottled water until advised by authorities to do otherwise.

Visit FEMA's website for even more information.