ISO Class 1 Fire Department

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Gilbert Fire & Rescue recently received the top rating by the Insurance Services Office. As a Class 1 ISO fire department, Gilbert Fire & Rescue is now identified as a premier fire agency for protecting commercial property. This rating places Gilbert Fire & Rescue in the top 1% of fire departments. 

Most insurance companies use ISO ratings as part of their decision making for offering coverage and deeming prices. Oftentimes, businesses and residents in an area with a better ISO rating will see a reduction in their insurance rates. 

A department’s ISO rating looks at three components – fire operations, water distribution, and emergency communication. Fire operations overviews the operations side of the department, including the equipment, service vehicles, personnel and response time. Water supply determines the capability of water to meet the needed flow for a fire and looks at size and locations of hydrants. Finally, emergency communications rates the area’s dispatch reporting.