New Vendor Self Service System

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New! Online Vendor Self Service SystemIn an effort to provide instant access to vendor information, Gilbert is launching a new, user-friendly online vendor self-service system starting June 1, 2018.

Vendors are encouraged to register to take full advantage of the following benefits*:

  • Check status of invoices submitted to Gilbert
  • View check status and image of check
  • View open purchase orders and contracts
  • List commodity codes for future opportunities to provide goods and/or services
  • Update address and contact information
  • Upload W-9 form
  • Download annual 1099 form

*All benefits will be effective July 2, 2018. 

New vendors will be required to register online prior to doing business with Gilbert.

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Instructions on how to register.

Please be aware that vendors that do not register and verify their information, including uploading a W‐9  form  to  their  profile,  may  experience  delays  in  processing  of  invoices  and  may  not  be  able  to  do business with Gilbert.  

Follow these 7 steps to register your company:

  1. Create  a  User  ID  and  Password.   Please  note  that  passwords  must  be  between  6  and  15 characters  in  length  and  contain  at  least  1  letter,  1  number  and  1  special  character.   For  current vendors, complete the Vendor ID and FID/SSN fields.  Use the Vendor ID that was listed in the letter you received and your Federal ID or Social Security Number.  Click “Continue”.

  2. Choose the appropriate contact type from the drop down list and complete the necessary contact information. You will be required to provide a phone number and an e‐mail address.  Click “Continue.”

  3. Provide Vendor Information – Complete the necessary vendor information. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.  Click “Continue.”

  4. Add  Additional  Addresses  –  If  different  addresses  are  required  for  correspondence, remittances,  etc.,  you  may  enter  them  here.   Please  note  that  the  address  entered  in  Step  3  will become the default address.  Click “Continue”.

  5. Add  Additional  Contacts  –  If  necessary,  please  enter  contact  information  for  Accounts Payable and Purchasing personnel.  Click “Continue”.

  6. Select Commodities – If you would like to be notified of bidding opportunities for specific commodities,  select  them  from  the  list  and  click  “Add.”  You  can  also  locate  codes  by  using  the search box. Codes which have been successfully added will be listed at the bottom of the page.  Click “Continue” after all desired codes are selected.

  7. Review  and  verify  all  of  your  information.  Gilbert  requires  all  vendors  to  successfully complete  a  Taxpayer  Identification  Number  (TIN)  match  prior  to  doing  business  or  payment issuance.   Gilbert  uses  the  IRS  TIN  Matching  program  to  verify  that  the  TIN  and  the  name  on  the provided W‐9 form matches the IRS records.

Tips for Vendor Self‐Service

  • Use a generic company e‐mail or one accessible by more than one person.
  • Add at least one additional contact person to receive notifications.  Each e‐mail address must be unique.

Please  remember,  this  system  is  self‐maintained.   If  your  e‐mail  address  or  any  other  information  changes  in  your  company  profile,  it  will  be  your  responsibility  to  keep  the  information  (address, telephone number, e‐mail address, commodity codes, etc.) current by logging in and updating it online. 

Questions?  please  call  480‐503‐6633 or email