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Water, Sewer, & Solid Waste Rates

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Account Activation Fees

  • Service requested with at least 1 business day advance notice. $15 + tax
  • Service requested during business hours on the same day. $30 + tax
  • Service requested after business hours. $75 + tax
Accounts requesting an activation or a request to restore water service after regular business hours will be assessed an after-hours service fee of $75 plus tax


New accounts with the Town of Gilbert will be assessed the minimum deposit indicated below. A higher deposit may be required based on prior payment history. Deposits may be refunded and applied to the outstanding balance after 12 months of on-time payments or will be applied at the time the account closes.

Minimum Deposit


Effective March 14, 2011

Single Family Residential Accounts


Commercial or Multi-Family Residential Accounts

$200 or average two month bill, whichever is higher

The Town of Gilbert Utility Department may require deposits on any existing accounts that indicate potential financial liability to the Town. Risk factors may include, but are not limited to, a history of late payments, returned mail and returned payments. The maximum deposit that may be charged is 2.5 times the highest monthly bill within the last 12 months.

Returned Payment Items

Returned Payment Fee $25

A deposit may also be assessed to the account.
If a payment (check, credit card, AutoPay, etc.) is returned to the Town of Gilbert by your financial institution, we will require immediate repayment.

In addition, service may be disconnected immediately if the payment was originally made to prevent services from being disconnected or to reestablish disconnected services.

All other returned payments will require reimbursement within seven days. The repayment, including all associated fees, must be made by cash, cashier's check or a money order.
Late Fees

Late Fee 1.5% of the past due balance, with a $5 minimum

The Town of Gilbert will assess late fees to those accounts not paid by the 20th day after the bill date. It is your responsibility to ensure that payment is made in time to be processed before late fees are imposed. Because all charges are for services already received, we ask that payment be made immediately upon receipt of the statement.
Delinquency/Reconnect Fee $25 + tax
Utility Service is subject to disconnection if payment is not received by the 45th day after the bill date. At that time a fee of $25 plus tax will be charged. Water service may not be reestablished without payment of the entire outstanding balance and any associated fees and deposits.

Effective March 14, 2011, an after-hours service fee of $75 plus tax will be assessed to the account to restore service outside normal business hours.

For information on commercial sanitation rates, call Public Works at 480-503-6400.


Sales tax will apply to water consumption and meter rate fees

The approved utility rate changes went into effect for any bills generated after October 31, 2018 and are reflected in this month's bill. Should you have any questions about these rate changes, please visit

Environmental Compliance Fee

 Environmental Compliance Fee  Effective 11/1/18
 Per Utility Account  $4.28


Water Rates - Meter size
Monthly Base Rate
Based on Meter Size
Rate as of 11/1/18
















Water Rates - Residential consumption
Residential Consumption Rate as of 11/1/18
0-8,000 Gallons


8,001 - 20,000


20,001 - 30,000


30,001 or more


Reclaimed and Recovered Water Rates

Reclaimed and Recovered Water Rates

Rate as of 11/1/18

Monthly Base Rate
(no change)
Reclaimed Water (also called Direct Reuse Water)
Recovered Well Water (from Private/Customer well sites)
Recovered Well Water (from Town of Gilbert well sites)

 Water Rates - Landscape and Commercial/Non-single family consumption

 Consumption  Rate as of 11/1/18
 Non-single family domestic water  $1.60/1000 gallons
 Landscape water  $2.06/1000 gallons

Water Rates - Hydrant meter usage
Hydrant Meter Usage Rate as of 11/1/18
3" Hydrant Deposit


1" Hydrant Deposit


3" Hydrant Base Fee


1" Hydrant Base Fee


Usage Charge (per/1,000)


Meter Moving Fee


Installation Fee


Sewer Rates - Non-residential Consumption

Non-Residential Rate Rate as of 11/1/18
Base Rate
Variable Rate  $1.65/1000 gallons of metered water use

    Sewer Rate - Residential Consumption

 Residential Rate  Rate as of 11/1/18
 Base Rate per Unit  $24.73

Refuse Rates
Residential Refuse Service Rate
as of 11/1/18
First 90-gallon container
Each additional 90-gallon container
65-gallon container