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Real Property Rental Frequently Asked Questions

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AZDOR = Arizona Department of Revenue
GB         = Town of Gilbert
MAR      = Maricopa County
MCTC    = Model City Tax Code
TPT       = Transaction Privilege Tax

There are four types of codes that you will use when reporting your taxes.

Location Code – Each physical location in the state is assigned a code by AZDOR. So if you own more than one location in the same city, make sure that you are reporting the right numbers with the right location code.

Region Code – Every City/Town and County is represented by a two or three letter code; Gilbert is GB, and the State/Maricopa County is MAR.

Business Code – Types of taxable business activity are represented on the return by a three digit number. For example, residential rental business code is 045.  Sometimes the codes for the City/Town and the State/County; however, sometimes they are different as is the case with Commercial Property Rentals. Gilbert is GB 213, and the State/Maricopa County is MAR 013. For a statewide list click here.

Deduction Code – As a TPT (sales tax) state we report total gross receipts as revenue. But what about the stuff that we don’t owe tax on? That is where deduction codes come into play. On the tax return every amount that is deductible can be removed by using the associated deduction code. A comprehensive list of available deductions can be found on the AZDOR website.