Who We Are

Town of Gilbert Purchasing is a division within the Finance and Management Services Department. In 2012, the Town Council approved the position of Purchasing Administrator, recognizing the need for a formal Purchasing group to standardize purchasing practices and procedures, and to combine purchases of like goods and services wherever possible. The long term goal is to move toward a more centralized purchasing operation, while at the same time maintaining purchases of certain specialized goods and services within specified Town departments.


To provide our departments with exceptional service in acquiring materials and services they need to perform their jobs, in a timely and cost effective manner, while maintaining an open, fair and competitive bidding environment and maximizing taxpayer value.


To be the best in class in the field of public procurement and strategic sourcing, bringing value and efficiency to each procurement while at the same time operating within Town policy, Code and sound business practices.


  • Accountability – by being responsible for our actions and following through on our commitments;
  • Communication – that we will keep departments informed early and often regarding their purchase, through transparency, collaboration and accessible information;
  • Ethics – acting in a manner true to these values, which is essential to preserve the public’s trust;
  • Impartiality – unbiased decision-making and action, which is essential to ensure fairness for the public good;
  • Innovation – finding new, more effective and cost efficient ways to procure goods and services by continuously improving services through progressive and creative outcomes;
  • Integrity – by being ethical, professional and trustworthy;
  • Learning – by continuously developing our knowledge and skills;
  • Professionalism – upholding high standards of job performance and ethical behavior;
  • Respect – by being fair, courteous, and valuing others;
  • Teamwork – working together to solve problems and share knowledge and expertise