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NEW! 012.09.15 Gilbert Sales Tax Rate to Remain at 1.5% for most Taxable Activities; Even though the sales tax will be eliminated on four of the Gilbert Tax Classifications beginning January 1, 2016, the sales tax will remain in effect on all other Tax ClassificationsResidential Rental activities will remain taxable at the 1.5% sales tax rate.  See Gilbert Tax Classifications & Rates for a list of the Taxable Activities and their applicable Tax Rates.

 NEW! 11.30.15 Transition Guidance for Residential Rental Property Managers | The Arizona Department of Revenue and The League of Arizona Cities & Towns have provided written guidance for licensing and reporting TPT Tax by Property Managers of Residential Rental Properties for 2016.  See 2016 Transition Guidance for Residential Rental Property Managers.

 NEW! 12.09.15 TPT (Sales Tax) Simplification  |  What you need to know!  The Arizona Department of Revenue is posting the most current information on their web site.  Follow this link to see the latest on what is happening and when.

NEW!  12.09.15 Reporting Gilbert Privilege Tax  |  Filing Sales Tax Return; Having Trouble Choosing the Correct Tax Classification Code for your Business Activity?  Let us help!  Back in January 2015, the AZDOR added Local Tax Classification Codes to the Privilege Tax Return, similar to the codes you have always used for reporting your State/County tax.  This change has confused many taxpayers.  Here's a handy chart to help guide you: Gilbert Tax Classifications & Rates Jan 2015 or Email us at SalesTax@GilbertAZ.Gov or Call us at (480) 503-6852.

NEW! 04.06.15 TPT for CONTRACTORS-2015; PowerPoint Presentation; New 2015 Changes to Contracting Tax are summarized in this presentation:  2015 TPT for Contractors


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