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01.25.2018  Arizona Department of Revenue Launches Residential Rental E-Solution FAQs

Beginning Jan. 22, 2018, the Arizona Department of Revenue’s (ADOR) new transaction privilege tax (TPT) Residential Rental e-solution for property management companies (PMCs) goes live for the January 2018 tax period filed in February 2018.

This new program allows property management companies to import their clients’ TPT information in CSV, an Excel file format or enter the information manually. The PMC will also be able to maintain client lists as needed. Additionally, PMCs may “engage” or “disengage” (simply add or remove) their status/obligations with their clients’ TPT licenses, all within their account.

Click here for E-Solution FAQs

05.30.2017 Town of Gilbert Decreases Privilege (Sales) Tax Rate

On April 6, 2017, the Gilbert Town Council approved Ordinance No. 2613 to reduce the additional bed tax on hotel/motel from 3.0% to 2.8%, for all hotel/motel stays July 1, 2017 and forward. All other tax rates pertaining to hotel/motels remain unchanged.

Additional Tax on Transient Lodging Notice: Additional Bed Tax Rate Change - Gilbert

05.30.2017 Gilbert Sales Tax Rate to Remain at 1.5% for most taxable activities

Even though the sales tax will be eliminated on four of the Gilbert Tax Classifications beginning January 1, 2016, the sales tax will remain in effect on all other tax classificationsResidential Rental activities will remain taxable at the 1.5% rate. 

See Gilbert Tax Classifications & Rates: July 2017 for a list of the taxable activities, and the applicable privilege tax rates.

03.14.2017 Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax Filing Frequency

 Do you have questions regarding your filing frequency? To determine if you qualify for monthly, quarterly, annually, or seasonal filing frequency, check out the TPT Filing Frequency Brochure

03.14.2017 Taxpayer Tutorials: AZTAXES.GOV

Do you need help with filing your Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax return (TPT-2) with the Arizona Department of Revenue using AZTAXES.GOV?

Check out these helpful YouTube Tutorials: Arizona Department of Revenue - Taxpayer Education

12.09.2015 TPT (Sales Tax) Simplification 

What you need to know!  The Arizona Department of Revenue is posting the most current information on their web site. 

Follow this link: 

 04.06.2015 TPT for CONTRACTORS-2015

New 2015 Changes to Contracting Tax are summarized in this presentation:  2015 TPT for Contractors

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