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Flooding is a coast to coast threat; in fact, flooding is one of the most frequently occurring natural disasters. The monsoon season in Phoenix is from June 15-September 15. During these months, rains can lead to flash flooding. The monsoon downpours can cause normally dry washes to swell with rapidly moving water and storm drains can become overwhelmed leading to street flooding. Below are a few tips to keep in mind to stay safe.

  • Listen to local area radio, NOAA radio or TV stations for the latest information and take notice of storm warnings.
  • Never drive through running water, six inches of water can move a vehicle downstream.
  • Do not wade through water after a storm. The water can contain dangerous debris, unhealthy waste, or downed power lines.

Standard homeowners insurance does not cover flooding but flood insurance does. To get more information go to www.FloodSmart.gov

More information about Gilbert’s Flood Zone Management

National Weather Service’s Turn Around Don’t Drown® campaign

Visit FEMA's website for even more information.