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Stakeholder Groups

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At the study session of April 21, 2016, Council reviewed the proposed next steps for the Heritage District over the coming 12-18 months. Eight focus areas were identified as priority areas in need of attention and the support of an inclusive, meaningful community engagement process. The purpose of this report is to outline the proposed process and obtain council approval to move ahead with these engagement efforts.

The objective of community engagement on the eight areas of focus in the Heritage District is to ensure a wide range of viewpoints are considered and to solicit input and feedback on proposed solutions and policies prior to bringing them to Council in an effort to ensure well vetted and considered recommendations for Council deliberation. 

The primary responsibility of the stakeholder working group is to provide feedback and recommendations on the focus area at hand. This input will be used to guide the update to the 2018 Redevelopment Plan.  Stakeholders will lend their ideas and expertise to help ensure input from a broad cross section of the community is considered as part of plan update process. The input provided from the stakeholder working group will then be presented to the Council for consideration and discussion.


Arts Stakeholder Group Findings - January 26, 2017
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Arts Study Session