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Heritage District Parking Garage

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In April 2017, Gilbert Town Council accepted the master plan document for the new Heritage District Parking Garage and approved the Architectural/Engineering Services with BWS Architects.

Public Meeting Presentations are located at the bottom of this page.

Click the images below for the Master Plan (85MB) and Master Plan Appendix (59MB).
*These are large files and may take time to download.

Cover Masterplan      Appendix

Below is the selected site for the new parking garage:


For more information regarding the master plan, schedule, site selection, circulation and characteristics, please see the public open house presentations below.

 Click below for the Meeting 1 Presentation:

FB Post- New Heritage District Parking Garage

Click below for the Meeting 2 Presentation:

Instagram- New Heritage District Parking Garage (1)


Click below for the Meeting 3 Presentation:


Amanda Elliott, Heritage District Liaison, 480.268.3188

Jack Gierak, CIP Manager, 480.227.6414

Amanda Elliott, Heritage District Liaison

Heritage District Parking Policy 

In addition to the new garage, Gilbert is also
reviewing parking policy within the Heritage District.

Click below to view the Council Parking Policy Discussion:

 Study Session