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Digital Roadmap

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Town Policy Statement

"The Town of Gilbert values and encourages transparency and open government as the hallmark of strong and responsible service to the public. In doing so, we adopt a town-wide policy with the exception of documents legally requiring non-disclosure, all Town operations, budgeting and public policy data is open and will be made accessible to every member of the public."

Executive Summary

GILBERT, Arizona is positioning itself to become a leader in digital government. By unlocking public records, we will enable technologists to build tools to help residents in their daily lives. This report outlines a path for Gilbert's success as a digital town by allowing for increased internet access, open government, citizen engagement and digital industry growth.

Gilbert's digital initiatives are helping to redefine the nature of government by assuring transparency, communication, and collaborative community development.

This Digital Road Map outlines a path to build on Gilbert's successes and to establish the Town as a leader in citizen engagement, open government, and digital industry growth.