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Unacceptable Usage

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1864_001For maximum impact and recognition for the Town of Gilbert, our logotype must always be used consistently and correctly, according to the guidelines outlined in this manual. Misuse of the logotype decreases its effectiveness as a symbol of our community. Variations in the way our identity is seen ultimately erode the message of consistency and unity we strive to communicate. Therefore, maintaining the same image, time and again, no matter the application, is an important part of our success. 

The elements of the logotype have been carefully designed to create the most visually appealing relationship, therefore, it's important that these elements not be altered in any way. Examples on this page show common misapplications of the logotype and should be avoided.

  • Never change, modify or rearrange the logotype in any way.
  • Always maintain clear space around the logotype, as discussed previously - nothing should interfere with this area of clear space.
  • Never compress the logotype
  • Never stretch the logotype
  • Never change the type used with the symbol
  • Never surround the logotype out of a shape
  • Never set copy that surrounds the logotype

Any questions regarding appropriate uses of the logotype must be directed to the Office of Digital Government