Logo Color

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The Gilbert logotype is to be reproduced in PMS 479 (tan) and PMS 5395 (navy blue) as specified. PMS, or Pantone Matching System, is the printing industry standard for spot color printing. At times it may not be practical to print with spot color inks, therefore, 4-color process color may be used. Below are the process color builds (the percentage of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks needed) that must be used to ensure the closest possible color match to the PMS standard. Note that 4-color process will never match the PMS color exactly; it will only give a close approximation of the PMS color.

The Gilbert logotype may appear in only the color combinations specified here. Any other color applications or combinations are not acceptable.

One Color or Black Reproduction

The entire logotype must be printed in black ink or in a solid of either PMS 5395 or PMS 479.

TOG_logo_k   TOG_logo_b  TOG_logo_t

Two Color Reproduction

The symbol may only be printed in PMS 479, while the logotype is to only be printed in PMS 5395.


Process Color Reproduction

For 4-color printing, the logotype may be printed in the CMYK builds of:

PMS 5395
100% Cyan
44% Magenta
0% Yellow
76% Black

PMS 479
30% Cyan
48% Magenta
57% Yellow
0% Black

Web Color Reproduction

For internet or multi-media applications, the logotype must be composed of RGB builds of: 

PMS 5395
0% Red
39% Green
76% Blue

PMS 479
184% Red
139% Green
115% Blue

Reverse Logotype

When using the logotype on a dark background, it may be reversed out to white instead of printed in color. No screens or other color may be used in the logotype and the entire logotype must reverse out.