Logo Standards

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The single most important element in this graphic identity program is the consistent implementation of the logotype.

Gilbert's logotype visually distinguishes us from other entities.
The intent is to project our unique identity consistently so that it becomes immediately recognizable and associated with our community. To achieve maximum impact from our logotype, it is imperative that no modifications or alterations be made to any of its parts. Any variation from the authorized Gilbert logotype will dilute the effectiveness of the identity program.

Therefore, the Gilbert logotype must always be used in its entirety; single elements may not be subtracted and used as separate identification devices. The logotype may not be letter-spaced, redrawn, or reconstructed from letterforms of similar typefaces. Modifications of any kind to the logotype are not permitted.

Logotype Defined

The Gilbert logotype is always used in its entirety. No alterations should be made to the logotype. Variations such as changes in the type style, proportions or placement of the individual elements, adding drop shadows, redrawing or re-positioning any portions of the logotype are unacceptable and must be avoided. If primary logo does not best fit in with your layout please use Secondary logo.

TOG_logo_nt TOG_logo_nt_horiz
 Primary Logotype Secondary Logotype 

The Gilbert logotype is used for all applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Stationary system
  • Forms
  • Web Site
  • Legal documents
  • Signage
  • Clothing
  • Give-aways
  • Advertising

Digital Files

Digital files of the logotypes are available here.

Or you may email our Communications Department at gilbert.digital@gilbertaz.gov.