All Gilbert municipal buildings, aside from Gilbert Municipal Court and Gilbert Police Department’s main station are closed to the public until May 10th. For the latest updates and information on Gilbert’s response to COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, visit


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The logos and official colors and fonts of Gilbert, AZ comprise the graphic elements used to support the overall brand. Each element strengthens the ability of Gilbert to communicate its mission and message, as well as provides a visual relationship between our audiences and everything Gilbert, AZ.

  • A Gilbert logo must be on everything that we produce.
  • Everything we produce must look like it is from the Town.
  • One--and only one--logo representing the Town or one of its departments should be used on a publication.
  • The Gilbert, AZ logo, or an approved Department logo, is the only graphic identity mark for all departments. When multiple departments are represented in a publication, the main logo of the organization that represents them all should be used.
  • The logo or signature must appear in a prominent position on all electronic and print communication.
  • An endorsed brand (a unique logo for a specific unit) is granted only under particular circumstances.
  • The logo, word mark and signature must have appropriate space around it.
  • The logo should not be printed smaller than 5/16".
  • When a Gilbert, AZ logo is used with the logo of another institution or company (for example, in a partnership announcement), the town logo should appear to be the same size as that of the other logos and be placed on the publication in an equally prominent position. 
  • Blue and gold are Gilbert's primary colors. Please refer to the approved color palette for specifications.
  • Use the downloads - don't recreate or alter any images.
  • Use only authorized Gilbert, AZ stationery and business cards ordered through your departments Administrative staff.
  • If you have any questions, contact the Communications Department.