Our Brand

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What’s in a brand?

An organization’s brand is more than a slogan or a logo. It captures how the organization is — and wants to be — perceived. Brands are built on feelings and perceptions of an organization and its performance by those who use its services or are impacted by its actions. That is why every organization has a brand, whether it plans for one or not.

In point of fact, “brand happens,” so we need to understand our brand essence and its core values.

A good brand contains both practical and emotional elements that make it feel right. It expresses what the organization is through ideas about its traditions, visual assets (look) and culture. A brand also captures what the organization provides, the things it delivers (functional benefits), the things it enables users to do or be (self-expressive benefits) and the way it makes users feel (emotional benefits). By being credible, relevant and consistent, a brand differentiates an organization from others like it. It builds trust and loyalty among its stakeholders.

Mission, Vision, ValuesGilbert's Brand

Gilbert’s brand image, or the impression of our organization and community by others, is a critical way to ensure that everything we do portrays a Community of Excellence. The work of building and maintaining Gilbert’s brand depends upon sustained, strategic efforts to use graphics, messages and story lines that reinforce brand values, which include Gilbert's Mission, Vision, and Values.

This website is intended to assist visual communicators and those who are tasked with extending the brand to various points of connection with Gilbert’s audiences by providing a detailed overview and the specifics regarding executing the Gilbert, Arizona brand of being a Community of Excellence.