Rider Rules

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Have you noticed electric scooters around town? Gilbert is experiencing these new transportation technologies like you are and we want to make sure they are used responsibly. Safety is a top priority here, we are the second safest city in the country, so we want to be sure you can enjoy these new modes of transportation throughout the community.

On April 6, 2019, Gilbert's municipal code related to micromobility devices will go into effect. Here’s what you need to know:

What is a micromobility device?

A micromobility device includes an electric bicycle, an electric personal assistive mobility device, and an electric standup scooter.

Where You Can Ride

Micromobility devices can be operated in the following locations unless prohibited by signage:

  • On a sidewalk or on a multi-use path (except class 3 electric bicycles)
  • Within a public street with posted speed limits of 25 miles per hour or less

Micromobility devices cannot be operated in the following locations:

  • Any area where signage prohibits such operation
  • In a designated bicycle lane (electric bicycles are permitted in bike lanes)
  • On a public street where the speed limit is greater than 25 miles per hour

Follow the Rules of the Road

This includes but is limited to official traffic-control signals, signs, and other traffic direction devices applicable to vehicles, unless otherwise directed by a police officer

Remain at a safe distance behind pedestrians and vehicles and do not follow too closely

Follow the designated speed limit

To operate at night, devices must have a front-facing white light and rear-facing red/stop lamp

Yield the Right-of-Way to Pedestrians and Other Users

Slow down, stop or move to the opposite side of the path, sidewalk or street when approaching or passing pedestrians or other users

Working Brake System

All electric-assisted micromobility devices must be equipped with a braking system in sufficient working order to control and stop the movement of the device

Parking Devices

When parking micromobility devices, make sure they are out of the public walkway or near bike racks when available

Do not park anywhere on public property that interferes with or impedes upon its free use or passage such as:

  • The middle of the sidewalk
  • Sidewalk ramps
  • Against signs

View the full ordinance.