FAQs - Signs

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What is considered a “sign”?

A sign is considered as a communication device, structure, or fixture that incorporates graphics, symbols, written copy, and/or lighting intended to promote the sale of a product, commodity, or service, or to provide direction or identification for a business or a facility. Signs shall not include any flag, badge, or insignia of any governmental unit, nor shall it include any item of merchandise normally displayed in a business window.

Murals, statuary, architectural features such as trademarked building forms, decorative canopies or awnings, and corporate color accents shall be considered signage where they are integral to the conveyance of a commercial message, except where determined by the Design Review Board to be architectural, rather than communicative, in nature.

How do I know if I need a sign permit?

Except as provided in Section 4.402D of the sign regulations: Signs Not Requiring a Sign Permit, it shall be unlawful for any person to construct, install, attach, place, paint, alter, relocate, or otherwise maintain any sign in the Town without first obtaining a sign permit in accordance with Article 4.4. To find out if you need a sign permit refer to section 4.402D

How do I learn what kind of sign is allowed in a particular development?

Click here to view sign programs.

Where can I get a copy of Gilbert’s Sign code?

Click here for sign code.

Does Gilbert have design criteria for signs?

Gilbert does have design criteria for signs. Click here for information regarding comprehensive sign programs.

What if I want to display a sign in my business window?

Regulations for a window sign are listed in section 4.407D #1

I want to place a portable or A-frame sign in front of my business. Is this allowed?

A-Frame Signs shall be permitted for apartment complexes and businesses in the Commercial, Heritage Village Center, Office, Employment, and Public Facility/Institutional zoning districts, subject to the regulations stated in section 4.402N

How do I apply for a sign permit?

Will I have to pay a fee for a sign permit?

Fees for sign permits vary, refer to the sign permit fee schedule.

Who do I call if I have more questions?

Prohibited Signs

All signs not expressly permitted by Article 4.4 shall be prohibited. Refer to section 4.402R for a list of prohibited signs.