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Sign Application  Submittal Checklist Frequently Asked Questions

Heritage Marketplace Signs

Revised Sign Code

Click here to view the adopted Ordinance of the Revised Sign Code. The comprehensive revisions remove any content-based regulation not consistent with the Supreme Court’s decision.

  • Town Council Public Hearing:  June 29, 2017

Click here for the staff report 

Click here for the minutes of this meeting

 Email Catherine Lorbeer or phone (480) 503-6016 with your questions about the revised sign code.

 Sign Programs

Click here to view current Sign Programs in a particular development.

Permit Processing Times

  • First review: 8 working days
  • Second review: 4 working days
  • Expedited review: 4 working days (double the fee)

Required Processes & Approvals Prior to Sign Permitting

A Comprehensive Sign Program is used for multi-tenant buildings, non-residential complexes with multiple buildings, or large-scale mixed-use developments.

A Heritage Sign Plan is used for single or multiple-tenant commercial or office uses; or for multiple-building complex for a single commercial use in the Heritage District.

  • The application can be processed administratively as long as it meets the requirements of Section 4.4 Sign Regulations, of the Land Development Code.   
  • Size and location changes to existing monument signs must be reviewed by staff prior to permitting.
  • Only after the project has been approved can a sign permit be issued. Questions? Contact a Planning Specialist for assistance.
  • Click here for the Administrative Design Review Comprehensive Sign Program or Heritage Sign Plan application.

Real Estate Signs

Real Estate Signs and Development Signs are permitted in any zoning district, as long as the signs follow the regulations stated in section 4.404

Temporary Signs

Residential: temporary sign regulations for residential use refer to section 4.405B

Non-Residential: temporary sign regulations for non-residential use in a residential zoning district refer to section 4.406C

Commercial: temporary signs regulations for commercial use refer to section 4.407D

Brochure of temporary signs: (Click here to view brochure)

  • Political signs - For regulations on political sign regulations refer to section 4.402I
  • Portable signs - All portable signs are prohibited except for A-frame signs and flying banners. Refer to section 4.402R #9


Billboards are prohibited. Refer to section 4.402R #11

Fee Schedule

Click here for sign schedule fees, refer to Pg. 10.

Prohibited Signs

All signs not expressly permitted in Article 4.4 shall be prohibited, including but not limited to Include link to code. Refer to Section 4.402R.

Contact Info

Contact information for planning/code enforcement

  • Tanya Castro (Planning Specialist): (480) 503-6742
  • Dana Stevens (Planning Specialist): (480) 503-6563
  • Lorrie DeOrio (Code Compliance Administrator): (480) 503-6834
  • Sign Inspection Requests: (480) 503-6879