FAQ - Special Events

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Please note that by their very nature, most of these FAQs are brief, or carry a shortened version of the actual code section that covers any specific question. You are encouraged to read the actual section available on-line in the Code Compliance, Ordinances & Backflow Prevention page to obtain the full code.

1. What is a Special Event?

See the Municipal Code, section 15

Special event means a boutique, large-scale carnival, circus, fireworks exhibition, multiple special events, single event swap meet and auction, parade, public assembly, or show.

2. What is a Promoter?

Promoter means any person who produces or conducts a special event.

3. What is a Show?

Show means any exhibition, display, production, or gathering intended to draw the public, including, but not limited to, musical and theatrical productions, merchandise booths, games of chance, amusements, flea markets, bazaars, circuses, large-scale carnivals, fairs, conventions, celebrations, promotions, rallies, and other public gatherings of this nature.

4. What is a Vendor?

Vendor means any person, other than a promoter or its employee, who occupies a space, cell, booth, or other temporary structure or location in conjunction with, associated with, or attendant to an organized boutique, single event swap meet and auction.

5. Do I need a Special Event Permit?

Yes, every Special Event requires a Permit. Please remember that the law requires an applicant to submit the request for a special event permit “AT LEAST 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE PROPOSED FIRST DAY OF THE SPECIAL EVENT”.

6. What is a ‘Haunted House’ and does it need a permit?

A haunted House means, a temporary use that contains a combination of displays, acts, exhibits, or other attractions intended to entertain or amuse patrons related to Halloween themes and images. It may be held without a permit one time per year for no longer than 45 days. PLEASE NOTE THAT: - 1) if held off-site, a roadside sales permit will be required; 2) a tent permit may be required

7. How about a pumpkin or Christmas tree sale.

These are called Seasonal Sales and mean; the sale of merchandise related to a recognized state holiday or seasonal event. Examples include Christmas tree and pumpkin sales. They may be held without a permit not more than 4 times per year for a period of no longer then 30 days on each occasion. There must also be a period of at least fourteen (14) days between each sale. PLEASE NOTE THAT: - 1) if held off-site, a roadside sales permit will be required; 2) a tent permit may be required; 3) sales of anything other than (e.g. trees or pumpkins) may require a permit or sales license.